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Meredith College 
Raleigh, NC 27607-5298 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 









Corlv!: C :;nDbeli Library 
iv..: ...uh Coilage 
f<~^i^idh, N. C. 


OAK LEAVES 1976-3 

'■. ■■'* 




Don't you ever worry when y( 
see what's going down? 

;>3M.^^. m^ 





4-OAK LEAVES 1976 

No, I try to mind my business, that 
is, no business at all. 

i .? 


^» *'*' 

OAK LEAVES 1976-5 

When it's time to function as a feeling, 

human being, will your Bachelor of Arts 

help you get by? 

(ilVE THE (;IFT 

^ ^x (ilVE 
f 3 BLOOD 

6-OAK LEAVES 1976 

I hope to study further, a few 
more years or so. I also hope to 
keep a steady high. 

OAK LEAVES 1976-7 

'- •,' ; .. • -«^;'i*^*»-^-Ak:.'<r v» •- 

Will you try to change things, 
use the power that you have, 
the power of a million new 

8-OAK LEAVES 1976 

What is this power you speak of and 
this need to change? I always thought 
that everything was fine. 

OAK LEAVES 1976-9 

Don't you feel repression 
just closing in around? 

P«pp«r -L »aion eMptmi 

10-OAK LEAVES 1976 

Jo, the campus here is very, very free. 


OAK LEAVES 1976-11 

Does it make you angry the way war is 
dragging on? 

12-OAK LEAVES 1976 

.d Urges 'fax Cut 

Well, I hope, the 
President knows what 
he's into, I don't 

OAK LEAVES 1976-13 

Don't you ever see starvation in 

the city w^here you live, all the 

needless hunger, all the needness 

14-OAK LEAVES 1976 

I haven't been there lately, the country is 
so fine, but my neighbors don't seem 
hungry 'cause they haven't got the time. 

OAK LEAVES 1976-15 

Thank you for the talk, you 

know you really eased my 

mind, I was troubled by the 

shapes of things to come. 



by Robert Lamm 

Copyright Lammanations Music and Big Elk Music 

Used by Permission-All Rights Reserved 

Well, if you had my outlook your feelings would be numb, you'd always think 

that everything was fine. 

OAK LEAVES 1976-17 


18-OAK LEAVES 1976 

Did you know that Dr. Holt's pit cooked 
beque and homemade brunswick stew are good 
enough to lure his French classes forty miles to 
his yearly picnic at Hoh's Pond? 

Who would have guessed that the mounted and 
framed "doodles" in the Gate Center Snack Bar 
were the artwork of Meredith College President 
John Weems? 

You haven't sampled Mrs. Brewer's cooking? 
Salads are her specialty! (Makes you wonder how 
the home economics department overlooked her!) 

Yes, faculty and staff members, too, have their 
own extracurricular activities and hobbies, 
whether it be rearing a family or raising prize- 
wmning roses. Dr. Preston's delightful talks about 

awaii, Mrs. Spooner's rendition of gospel songs, 
K4r, Taylor's sparkling ice carvings, and the many 
(iiher talents of our faculty and staff add a very 
'-[X'cial touch to Meredith life. 

OAK LEAVES 1976-19 


Dr. [ohn Edgar Wcems, President 

20-OAK LEAVES 1976 

Dr. Sandra C. Thomas, Vice President for Student 

Dr. C. Allen Burris, Vice President and Dean of the Colle 

Mr. John T. Kanipe, Jr., Vice President for Institutional 

Mr. Joe Baker, Vice President for Business and Finance. 

OAK LEAVES 1976-21 


Above Center: Dr. ^' 

Johnson, College 

Historian. Above Right: 

Dr. Pruden, Pastor-in- 


Board of Trustees 

22-OAK LEAVES 1976 

Admissions-Seated-Miss Josey, 
Director of Admissions; Mrs. 
Thatcher Standing-Mrs. Kearney, 
Mrs Gardner, Mrs. Lanzi, Mrs. 

BeJow Left: Office of the Registrar-Miss Jackson, Mr. Hiott, 
Registrar and Assistant Dean of the College; Mrs. Gregory, Mrs. 
Todd. BeJow Right: Mrs. White, Dean of Students; Mrs. Stokes. 

OAK LEAVES 1976-23 


Below Left: Rev. Williams, Campus Minister 

Above Right: Accounting and Business Office- 

Seated-Mrs. Williams, Chief Accountant 

Standing-Mrs. Hargis, Mrs. Bolsan, Mrs. Tudor 

Estate Planning and 

Development and 

Information Services— Mr 

Norton, Director of 

Information Services; 

Mrs. Purcell, Mrs. 

Hatfield, Mrs. Landsberg, 

Mr. Simms, Mrs. 

Woodlief, Mr. Holcomb, 

Director of Development 

and Estate Planning 

\ .ft- / 


24-OAK LEAVES 1976 

Above Left; Mrs. I'lslici, Dr. Galassi, Director of Student 
Activities. Above Right: Mrs. Dillard, Secretary to the 
President. BeJow Left; Secretaries to the Vice Presidents-Mrs. 
Dulaney, Miss Scarboro, Mrs. Pickard, Mrs. Chamblee. BeJow 
Right; Miss Wilson, Counselor. 

OAK LEAVES 1976-25 


J > I 





Above Left: Mrs. Thome, Director of Residence Halls; Mrs. Liles. Above Right: Health Services-Seated-Dr. 

Martin; Standing-Mrs. Henderson, Mrs. Thacker, Mrs. Broadwell, Dr. Mason, Director of Health Services and 

Summer Activities. Below Left: Resident Advisors-Mrs. Cooper, Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Renfrov^f. BeJow Right: 

Alumnae— Seated— Mrs. Robinson; Standing— Mrs. Posey, Mrs. Perry, Mrs. Wall. 

26-OAK LEAVES 1976 

Above Left; Miss Dulaney, Post Office. Center Left: 
Continuing Education— Mrs. Curtin, Dr. Gates, co- 
director; Mrs. Dahle, co-director. Center Right; Data 
Processing— Mrs. Chilcoat, Mr. Collins, Director; Mrs. 
Anders, Mrs. Sawyer. Below Left: Cooperative Education 
and Career Planning/Placement— Mrs. Harris, Mrs. Ihnen, 
Mrs. Capel, Director; Dr. Yarbrough, Mrs. Payne. BeJow 
Right: College Store— Mrs. Fussell, Mrs. Gower, Mrs. 
Hinsley, Manager. 

OAK LEAVES 1976-27 


Below Left: Food Services— Seated— M. Brown, M. Jones, M. Keith, M. Massenburg, W. Harris. Mrs. Taylor, A. 
Renegar, R. Samonds, Mr. Taylor, Manager. Standing— D. Jones, J. Herring, J. Price, T. Laney, J. Snelling, P. 
Bethea, M. Catten, J. Brown, B. Hardin, S. Knox, E. Gupton, W. Stanford. Below Right; Mrs. Mobley, Laundry. 

i^ nia iiv 
iiiii imi 

nil? lim 
. L»5E iiai 





'11! ^^^1^ 

^ - -■ -; 

. g 

-k 5ii: . J'** Aj^ 4 


Above Left: Mrs. Shattuck, Switchboard. Above Right: Housekeepers-D. Clinton, M. 
Warren, T. Avery, M. Williams, M. Bell, L. Booker, F. Gillis, P. McCullers, H. Faison, N. 
Dunston, N. Pennington, M. Robinson, M. Davis, R. Abram, E. Judd. 

28-OAK LEAVES 1976 


lp» or. 

Center Left: Miss Johnson, Central Services. Center 
Right: Security-Mr. Sugg, Mr. Underwood, Mr. Griner, 
Mr. Shattuck, Chief Security Officer; Mr. Adams, Mr. 
Jones, Mr. Lawrence. Below: Maintenance-W. Fench, 
G. McFadden. R. Leach, J. McDonald, H. Simmons, A. 
Jones, B. Thompson, W. King, J. Patterson, W. Attmore, 
Mims, W. Crumel, C. Allen, L. Avent. 



OAK LEAVES 1976-29 


Above Left: English— Seated— Dr. Rose, Chairman; Standing— Dr. Page, 

Mrs. Truesdale, Mrs. Brewer, Dr. Peacock, Mrs. Jones, Dr. Knight. 

Above Right: Religion and Philosophy— Dr. Page, Dr. Cochran, Dr. 

Crook, Chairman; Dr. McLain. BeJow Right; Sociology and 

Geography— Mr. DeBerry, Dr. Syron, Chairman; Mr. Sumner, Mrs. 

Mackie, Mrs. Turlington, Dr. Tucker. 

30-OAK LEAVES 1976 

"To Canterbury They Wende' 

Betty Brewer, celebrated literary 
person, led another great pilgramage to 
Canterbury England. Her tour seemed 
to open the doors to Chaucer's world 
as the group of "nyne and twenty" 
made forward erly for to ryse" . . Her 
enthusiasm for the trip was shared by 
all the "sondry folk" who followed her 
and together they found the places of 
interest in ancient Canterbury. It is ru- 
mored that the sequel to Chaucer's 
Canterbury Tales will be taken from 
this experience of the summer of 1975. 

Above: History and Political Science— Dr. Gates, Dr. Lemmon, Chairman; 
Dr. Parramore, Dr. Grubbs, Mrs. Grubbs, Dr. Fairchild. Beiow Left: Art 
Seated— Mr. White, Chairman; Standing-Mr. Maron, Mr. Chrest, Miss 
Peyser. BeJow Right: Foreign Language— Mrs. Beza, Dr. Ledford, 
Chairman; Dr. Holt, Miss Short, Mr. Finlator, Dr. Galligan, Dr. Daniell. 

OAK LEAVES 1976-31 


A New Sherlock? 

The London fog down by the Thames was pierced by the aroma of fine English tobacco. Suddenly a figure 
appeared from the mist. A thin stream of smoke made its way up from the hand carved wooden pipe that 
emerged from a slit between the trench coat collar and hat. This was it. London film productions had found in 
Frank Grubbs the star for their Sherlock Holmes remake. However, this dedicated American history professor 
would not abandon his duties at a small women's college to pursue a film career. Not even the title of the film 
could tempt him: "The History of Mystery". 

Above Right: Psychology-Dr. Mason., Dr. Hulirr. c:h.nrm;in: Dr, 
Sutherland, Dr. Aubrecht. Below Left: Home Economics— Dr. Sears, 

Mrs. Friedrich, Dr. Johnson, Mrs. Stuber, Chairman. BeJow Right: ^ ."~~"" --Hfe 'f '^ 
Education-Seated-Dr. Murray, Dr. Calvert, Standing-Dr. Browde, wtei ^--", 

Chairman: Mrs. Alired. Mr. Fracker 

32-OAK LEAVES 1976 

Above Left: Chemistry and Physical 
Science— Dr. Wiechert, Mr. Birkin, 
Dr. Horner, Chairman. Center Left: 
Biology-Mr. Eads, Dr. Bunn, 
Chairman; Dr. Hoffman. Below: 
Mathematics-Dr. Preston, Mrs. 
Spooner, Mrs. Bouknight, Dr. Davis, 
Chairman; Mrs. Taylor. 

OAK LEAVES 1976-33 


Above Right: Physical Education— Miss Farrell, Miss Crigler, Mrs. Allen, Mrs. Stevens, 

Mrs. Ferguson, Mrs. Massey, Chairman. BeJow Left; Miss Yeager, Faculty Secretary. 

BeJow Right: Business and Economics— Mr. Sylvia, Dr. Frazier, Chairman; Mrs. Simmons, 

Mrs. Sasnett, Mrs. Huffman. 

34-OAK LEAVES 1976 

\bove: Music— Mrs. Schlageter, Mr. Clyburn, Mr. Pratt, Dr. Klausmeyer, Mrs. Mann, Mrs. Beyer, Mrs. Garriss, 
Ais. Daugherty, Dr. Lynch, Chairman; Mrs. Long, Miss Donley, Mrs. Sullivan, Mrs. Goode, Mrs. Nichols, Mrs. 
'arrington. Miss Magrath, Mr. Hardison. 

BeJow Left: Mrs. Nichols, Music Secretary. BeJow Right Library-Mrs. Quick, 
Mrs. Deese, Miss Sexton, Mrs. Wright, Mrs. Priest. 

OAK LEAVES 1976-35 


36-OAK LEAVES 1976 

The alarm rang at 12:30 and on one end of campus 
girls stumbled out of bed for another fire drill. It 
was the first one of the year. Juniors and Seniors 
filed down the stairs and outdoors with their hands 
in the pockets of their robes, their hair in curlers, 
and their feet in slippers. There was talking and oc- 
casional laughter from the girls who were awake 
when the fire drill started, mostly yawning from 
those who were not. As they waited until time to ; 
back in, the alarm continued to buzz loudly. Yep, 
that's Meredith alright. Just when you least expect 

However, on the other side of campus the fire 
drill had been anticipated since the night the fire 
marshals were elected at the hall meetings. The 
Freshmen went to bed prepared. In fact, some of 
them didn't go to bed at all. The girls on Third 
Stringfield met in the hall at 12:15 wearing heavy 
make-up, hats, jewelry, knee socks, platform shoes, 
and little signs which read "3rd String." When the 
alarm sounded, the girls marched outside armed 
with dark glasses (to cut the glare from the flames) 
and stuffed animals. Yep, that's Meredith alright. Al- 
ways expecting the unexpected! 

OAK LEAVES 1976-37 


Senior Class Officers: Cindy Lee, SuciL'tary 

Janie Gilbert, Vice President; Pam Watson, President; Doris 

Taylor, Treasurer. 


One More Year, Seniors! 

With sunny faces and excited spirits, 
the Senior Class returns to Meredith 
for one last year. Although each stu- 
dent is beginning to look beyond the 
college campus for self-fulfillment, job 
anticipations, off-campus activities, 
and fiances or boyfriends, they can 
never take the place of the unique se- 
nior-to-senior relationship established 
here at Meredith. Seniors have "stuck 
it out" together for four years; and they 
have learned to work together effec- 
tively and to play together effectively 
during those years. And this close 
spirit is reflected in the delight shown 
when Seniors see each other again for 
that one last year. 

"Hey, Cathy, who's gonna win Corn- 
huskin' this year?" 

"We are! We're the Senior Class." 

OAK LEAVES 1976-39 


Dorothy Ann Aiken 


Statesville, N.C. 

Deborah Ann Albritton 


Hookerton, N.C. 

Letitia Gale Amon 


Goldsboro, N.C. 

Paige Anderson 


Raleigh, N.C. 

Rebecca Elizabeth Askew 

Am. Civ. 

Asheboro, N.C. 

Suzanne Badgett 


Winston-Salem, N.C. 

Teresa Jane Barnes 


Fayetteville, N.C. 

Marjorie Ann Barnette 


Farmville, N.C. 

Phyllis Leigh Barrett 


Clemmons, N.C. 

40-OAK LEAVES 1976 

Lorraine Bennett Batchelor 


Conetoe, N.C. 

Marsha HIalock 

Home Economics 

Wheaton, Md. 

Dondra Traylor Bland 


Gary, N.C. 

Mary Catherine Bland 

Marilyn Denise Bledsoe 

Reya Carolyn BlounI 

Religion/Am. Civ. 



Memphis, Tenn. 

South Boston, Va. 

Laura Ann Boone 


Ahoskie, N.C. 

Catherine Ann Bowen 


Shelby, N.C. 

Vera Elizabeth Bridgers 


Rowland, N.C. 

OAK LEAVES 1976-41 


Karen Alice Britt 
Whiteville, N.C. 

Terry Kathryn Brooks 


New Bern, N.C. 

Elizabeth Denise Brown 


Troutman, N.C. 

Grace Elizabeth Burnett 


Charlotte, N.C. 

Louise Burrows 


Raleigh, N.C. 

Kathryn Cockman Busby 


Hamlet, N.C. 

Cynthia Jane Butler 

Winston-Salem, N.C. 

Wanda Gay Cameron 


Lumberton, N.C. 

Martha Frances Gate 


Chapel Hill, N.C. 

42-OAK LEAVES 1976 

-#• I . '> 



M - 

Anita Parks Chadwick 


Rocky Mount, N.C. 

Rebecca Gay Childs 


Weaverville, N.C. 

Nancy Thompson Clayton 


Raleigh, N.C. 

Sarah Stockton Compton 
Raleigh, N.C. 

OAK LEAVES 1976-43 


Seniors Support Little Sisters 

"So it's the Seniors . . . We will remember . . . 
Whenever we remember . . . Our Meredith years." 
These meaningful words, put to the tune of the 
popular song "The Way We Were," inspired the 
serenade which the Sophomore sang to their big 
sister class on Cornhuskin' night, 1975. The strong 
ties which exist between the two classes, how- 
ever, were demonstrated over and over through- 
out the year. Indeed, the Sophomores looked up 
to "their Seniors" with encouragement and sup- 
port as they spent their final days at Meredith. 
Graduation morning brought the popular daisy 
chain, a tradition which embodied the Soph- 
omores' final tribute to their big sisters. Perhaps 
the large red letters sprawled across the Soph- 
omore breezeway say it best— "We love you. Big 

«3r * 









Janet Carol Cope 

Walterboro, S.C. 

Sheryl Lynne Cornell 
Home Economics 
Ridgefield, Conn. 

Nelda Diane Creech 


Zebulon, N.C. 

Susan Culler Creech 


High Point, N.C. 

Lucy Marvin Davis 
Home Economics 
Greensboro, N.C. 

Alice Louise Crouch 


Greensboro, N.C. 

Patricia Peal Crowel 
Home Economics 
Fayetteville, N.C. 

Margaret Marie Davis 
Bath, N.C. 

Karol Suzanne Deal 


Hickory, N.C. 


Eugenia Jonston Dees 
Home Economics 
Statesville, N.C. 

^ ^ r ' 

Susan Bell Dean 

Greensboro, N.C. 

Carolyn Dunn 

Ardsley, N.Y. 

OAK LEAVES 1976-45 


Beth Edwards 

Goldsboro, N.C. 

Dana Karen Edwards 


Seaboard, N.C. 

Nancy Caroline Elliot 

Fuquay Varina, N.C. 

Wilma James Ellis 


Emporia, Va. 

Frances Wynn Ehrlich 
Home Economics 
Greensboro, N.C. 

Patricia Lynne Estes 
Charlotte, N.C. 

Linda Ruth Evans 


Hertford, N.C. 

Elaine Falkenbury 


Winston-Salem, N.C. 

Deborah Lynn Ferguson 


Florence, S.C. 

46-OAK LEAVES 1976 

Janet Fish 


Rocky Mount, N.C. 


Mazie Tilley Fleetwood 


Chapel Hill, N.C. 

Lou Ann Flynt 


Winston-Salem, N.C. 


Susan Leigh Foltz 


Winston-Salem, N.C. 

Amy Hyde Garber 

Fayetteville, N.C. 

Deborah Susan Carver 
Religion v 
New Bern, N.C. 

Deborah Lynn Gaston 


Gastonia, N.C. 

Libby Phillips Giese 


Raleigh, N.C. 

Jane Elizabeth Gilbert 

Black Mountain, N.C. 

OAK LEAVES 1976-47 


Beverly Jean Glass 

Galesburg, Illinois 


Rebecca Evelyn Glover 


Lumberton, N.C. 


Linda Green 
Stoughton, Mass. 

Lynn Martin Green 


Manteo, N.C. 


Martha Jeanette Griffin 


Williamston, N.C. 




^Hs ^ 


t: -1 ^ /;,*•" x_ 

Susan Lee Grogan 

Karen Joyce Hampton 

Brenda Lutz Hardin 



Home Economics 

Lexington, N.C. 

Anderson, S.C. 

Newton, N.C. 

Eleanor Ann Harris 


Albermarle, N.C. 

Beth Hicks 
Home Economics 
Rocky Mount, N.C. 

Jackie Leigh Hemingway 

Home Economics 

Mt. Airy, N.C. 

Suzanne Jean Henning 


Fairfax, Va. 

Frances Charlene High 
Stanley, N.C. 

Susan Tinsley Hil 


Norfolk, Va. 

OAK LEAVES 19761-49 


Shelia Marcia [iohh 

Home Economics 

Raleigh, N.C. 

•' Tr^V 

Kathy Dale Hollins 

Greensboro, N.C. 

Janet Ruth Hollowell 

Home Economics 

Mt. Olive, N.C. 

Loretta Gay Honeycutt 
American Civ. 
Benson, N.C. 

Suzannah Grey Hooks 


Whiteville," N.C. 

Elizabeth Ellen Horton 


Norfolk, Va. 

Janice Robinson Houston 


Franklinton, N.C. 

Carolyn Lynn Howard 


Greenville, N.C. 





Joy Ann Hudson 


Ramseur, N.C. 

50-OAK LEAVES 1976 

Linda Evelyn Huneycutt 
American Civ. 
Durham, N.C. 

Joy Victoria Hussey 


Robbins, N.C. 

Mary Ellen Jackson 


Wylliesburg, Va. 

Mary Little Jackson 


Raleigh, N.C. 

Seniors— The Future 

With graduation comes the appre- 
hension of leaving the shelter of col- 
lege life and making decisions con- 
cerning the future. Some seniors are 
ready to graduate, while some 
M^ould like to stay at Meredith a 
httle while longer. Some hope to 
stay in the Raleigh area because of 
friends or other reasons, while oth- 
ers wish to break old ties and form 
new ones in other places. As girls 
examine their option, several are 
considering graduate work before 
entering the career work. 

One Senior spoke of an "under- 
lying awareness of uncertainty," 
wondering what she will be doing a 
year from now, but added that her 
prevailing outlook is optimistic. Me- 
redith builds a supportive, healthy 
attitude toward the goals of single 
young women graduating from col- 
lege and entering a career. "I'm 
looking forward to the freedom," 
this senior said. 

Nancy Raymer Jame 


Raleigh, N.C. 

Phyllis Ann Jarrell 


Lincroft, N.J. 

Carlvli C...;ooell Library 
;.!:;ruclith College 
Raleigh, N. C. 

OAK LEAVES 1976-51 


Kay Douglas Jenkins 


Gastonia, N.C. 

Linda Brewer Jenki 
Kinston, N.C. 

Diane Carol Johnson 


Rose Hill, N.C. 

Sallie Marshburn Johnson 


Lynchburg, Va. 

Susan Marie Jordan 


Tyner, N.C. 

Virginia Lee Kimball 


Louisburg, N.C. 

Lee Ann Kirk 


China Grove, N.C. 

Vickie Lynn Kiziah 


High Point. N.C. 

Janet Mary Koone 
Kinston, N.C. 

52-OAK LEAVES 1976 

Peggy Elaine Land 


Chatham, Va. 

Susan Kennon Lane 


Wilson, N.C. 

Bethany Frances Langdon 
Angier, N.C. 


Susan Ward Lawrence 


Petersburg, Va. 

Lucinda Ward Lee 

Washington, N.C. 

Mary Ann Leitch 

Beaumont, Texas 

OAK LEAVES 1976-53 



Kathy Lewis 
Home Economics 
Rocky Mount, N.C. 

Bethany Blair Lister 

Elizabeth City, N.C. 

Sharon Sue Long 


Winston Salen, N.C. 

June Clair Lowdermilk 


Greensboro, N.C, 

Carolyn Elizabeth Ley 


Mebane, N.C. 

Jill McDuffie 


Red Springs, N.C. 

Marsha Lynn McKinnley 

Qwelo, Rhodesia, Africa 

Donna Louise McLamb 


Newton Grove, N.C. 

Gerry Leigh McRoy 


Goldsboro, N.C. 

54-OAK LEAVES 1976 

Joan Christie Macy 

Home Economics 

Morehead City, N.C. 

ic Sutton Martin 

Raleigh, N.C. 

Martha Kay Martin 


Charlotte, N.C. 

Linda Sue Matthews 

Home Economics 

Sanford, N.C. 

Susan Grace M(!rritt 
Ayden, N.C. 

Janet Lois Michael 


Burlington, N.C. 

Sara Lou Mickey 
Winston Sale 


Kathryn Susan Midyette 


Oriental, N.C. 

Trudy Hayes Miles 


Pink Hill, N.C. 

OAK LEAVES 1976-55 


Linda Lucile Minnis 

Winston Salem. N.C. 

Andrea Darlene Moore 


Burlington. N.C. 

Kaye Sumner Morgan 


Raleigh, N.C. 

Mary Kathryn Morgan 


Rocky Mount, N.C. 

Margaret Elizabeth Morrisey 

Home Economics 

Raleigh, N.C. 

Patricia Gail Murphy 


Guaynabo, Puerto Rico 

56-OAK LEAVES 1976 

Nancy Louise Nash 


Monroe, N.C. 

Elizabeth Cutchin Neville 


Whitakers, N.C. 

Deborah Lynn O'Neill 
Home Economics 
Williston, Florida 








wt '^^^ ^^^ 

Jacqueline Wright Owen 

Wylliesburg, Va. 

Marcia Gayle Painter 


Durham, N.C. 

Elizabeth Perkins Parker 


Rocky Mount, N.C. 

Helen Patterson Parker 


Wilson, N.C. 

M.n>.;,iii'l Ann Parker 

Home Economics 

Mt. Olive, N.C. 

Reva Dale Parker 


Tarboro, N.C. 

OAK LEAVES 1976-57 


Mary Reed Patrick 


Petersburg, Va. 


Peggy Karen Pell 


Poplar Branch, N.C. 

Mary Nancy Pentecost 


Richmond. Va. 

Marcheta Darnel Perry 

Home Economics 

Hertford, N.C. 

Gail Pumphrey Phelan 


Bait., Md. 

Margaret Robey Pierce 

Home Economics 

Richmond, Va. 

Pamela Joy Plummer 


Chapel Hill, N.C. 

Elizabeth Belle Pope 


Enfield, N.C. 

Crista Ann Pritchard 


Charlotte, N.C. 

58-OAK LEAVES 1976 

Vicki Branch Pritchard 
American Civ. 
Raleigh, N.C. 

Chrystal Robin Rcviere 

Home Economics 

Shelby, N.C. 

Margaret Louise Rhyne 

Home Economics 

Gastonia, N.C. 

Cynthia Leigh Riggs 

Home Economics 
Winston Salem, N.C. 

Mary Catherine Roberts 


Gastonia, N.C. 

Shearon Florence Roberts 


Coats, N.C. 

Elizabeth Kay Robertson 


Knightdale, N.C. 

Susan Elizabeth Robinson 


Skippers, Va. 

Deborah Roebuck 

Washington, N.C. 

OAK LEAVES 1976-59 


Melanie Ann Roebuck 


Rocky Mount, N.C. 

Carrie Elizabeth Rogers 


Mt. Holly, N.C. 

Cathy Sue Rollins 

Non-Western Civ. 

Sanford, N.C. 

Eloise Annette Rountree 

Home Economics/Business 

Cedar Grove, N.C. 

Feta Ann Rowe 

Lowland, N.C. 

Jane Beal Rucker 


Gastonia, N.C. 

Janice Katharine Sharpe 


Greensboro, N.C. 

Jane Malena Siceloff 
Home Economics 
Lexington, N.C. 

Julia Gail Smith 

Asheboro, N.C. 

60-OAK LEAVES 1976 


f^/ -»5 

Linza Grace Smith 


Whiteville N C 

Susan Harrell Smith 


Goldsboro, N.C. 

Bound For Stardom? 

With the traditional strains 
of "Cigarets and Whiskey", 
Meredith's own "Bathtub Ring" 
made its stage debut at Corn- 
huskin' 75. The group was 
composed of even-year Phis. 
Ethel Sue in her chic polka dot 
dress with tiered ruffles stood 
out among the other more mas- 
culine members of this renown 
group. Entertainment provided 
by the quartet surpassed all 
previous such performances in 
worth?!?!?! As the audience 
shouted "Encore"-the Bathtub 
Ring moved on to bigger and 
better things-graduation. 

Jane Fussell Spain 
Gary, N.G. 

Christine Ann Speight 


Richmond, Va. 









II t 




Susan Rae Stanci 


Wilson, N.C. 

OAK LEAVES 1976-61 

Cynthia Lynne Stegall 
Home Economics 
Marshville, N.C. 

Vera Ellen StejJiier 

Jacksonville, N.C. 



■/* • 1 

Helen Kim Stephenson 


Jackson, N.C. 

Nancy Eleanor Strickland 
Home Economics 
Middlesex, N.C. 

Frances Lane Stroud 

Home Economics 

Kinston, N.C. 

Donna Anne Stroupe 


Stanley, N.C. 

62-OAK LEAVES 1976 

Jane Porter Sullivan 
Shelby, N.C. 

■ ^<^^ 

Barbara Heath Talley 
Gary, N.C. 

Barbara Alice Sutton 


Jacksonville, N.C. 

Norma Jane Swann 


Burgaw, N.C. 

Leigh Ellen Taylor 

Washington, N.C. 

Margaret Burnett Taylor 


Rocky Mount, N.C. 

Mary Dowell Taylor 

Home Economics 

Norlina, N.C. 

Susan Rebecca Tew 


Durham, N.C. 

Jennifer Bryan Thigpen 


Williamston, N.C. 

OAK LEAVES 1976-63 


Donna Leigh Thomas 


Sanford, N.C. 

Susan Goodwin Thornbrough 


Apex, N.C. 

Cynthi.i Anne Thurman 


Rocky Mount, N.C. 

Shelley Arlene Tosto 


Madison, N.C. 

Katherine Nottingham Tuck 


Columbia, S.C. 

Maria Tugwell 
Farmville, N.C. 



Rita Ann Turley 

Psychology/ Sociology 

Richmond, Va. 

Julia Harris Turner 


Pink Hill, N.C. 

Teresa Elizabeth Twine 


Fayetteville, N.C. 

64-OAK LEAVES 1976 

Valeria Ann Tyndall 

Home Ec. /Business 

Deep Run, N.C. 

Janet Leigh Tysingor 


Chapel Hill, N.C. 

Missy Upchurch 


Raeford, N.C. 

Patricia Ann Vehorn 


Charlotte, N.C. 

Deborah Marie Vick 


Tarboro, N.C. 

Rebecca Sue Vicl< 


Tarboro, N.C. 

Edna Katharine Viser 


Ahoskie, N.C. 

Ramona Mary Waddell 


Welcome, N.C. 

OAK LEAVES 1976-65 


Senior Cornhuskin' Spirit 

The Senior Class rallied to show the 
true "Spirit of 76" for Cornhuskin' this 
year. Their dedication and enthusiasm 
equaled that of their forefathers in 1776, 
as they strived for a much-wanted goal. 
Not only was it the Great Pumpkin, but 
also the Senior Class pride which was at 
stake. Leading the ranks were Janet Tysi- 
nger, Mary Dowell Taylor, and Lou Ann 
Flynt-and as before, the "Spirit of 76" 
paid off with victory. 











' 1 




.^w 4r^"-^^ 

ju . 

Frances jane Wall 
Home Economics 
Tobaccoville, N.C. 

Janice Rae Wallace 


Kenly, N.C. 

Joanne Marian Ward 


Asheville, N.C. 

Carolyn Frances Warren 


Kinston, N.C. 

Pamela Sue Watson 


Greensboro, N.C. 

66-OAK LEAVES 1976 

Gwen Marie Weatherly 
Biology/ Chemistry 
Timmonsville, S.C. 

Becky Weber 


Winston Salem, N.C. 

Rebecca Howard Weems 


Raleigh, N.C. 

Patricia Lynn Wellons 


Florence, S.C. 

Elizabeth Ann West 
Exmore, Va. 

Deborah Grace Wheeless 
Home Economics 
Rocky Mount, N.C. 

OAK. LEAVES 1976-67 


Susan Haywooii White 


Rocky Mount, N.C. 

Susan Rcni' Will. 
Whiteville, N.C. 

Carolyn Louise Willey 
Gaston, N.C. 

Debra Suitt Williams 


Orangeburg, S.C. 

Lisa Ann Williams 

Kinston. N.C. 

Suzanne Elizabeth Williams 


Wingate. N.C. 

68-OAK LEAVES 1976 

Alice Marshall Wilson 

Winston Salem, N.C. 

Sharon Diane Wilson 


Gastonia, N.C. 

Seniors Get On-The-Job Training 

During their senior year, many students experi- 
ence a change from the routine schedule of attend- 
ing classes: they put into practice what they have al- 
ready learned. Students receiving a teacher's 
certificate participate in the student-teaching pro- 
gram. Those working toward social-welfare certifi- 
cation spend part of a semester doing field place- 
ment. As well as providing specific training, these 
job experiences also help students to know if their 
chosen field really fulfills their career expectation. 

Sallie Rush Winfrey 
Raleigh, N.C. 

Donna Frances Wood 


Mt. Olive, N.C. 

Sally Elizabeth Zeigler 


Eden, N.C. 

OAK LEAVES 1976-69 


Junior Class Officers: Suzanne Styron, Treasurer; Debbie Edwards, Secretary; Beth Leavel, Vice President; 
Kathy Frazier, President. 

70-OAK LEAVES 1976 

uniors: Study In Contrast 

In August, Juniors approach the Meredith 
campus with mixed feelings. For the returning 
student, the dull realization that this is just an- 
other dorm room and just another year of 
study is coated with a veneer of excitement. 
Seeing friends again, sharing summer experi- 
ences, laughing over memories will never grow 
old. Then again, for the transfer student, the 
excitement of a new beginning is covered with 
a feeling of uncertainty and nervousness. New 
school, new friends, new dreams are enough to 
cause aiiyone to be apprehensive. Class unity 
here is a matter of both hard work and luck, 
for more than any other class. Juniors are 
spread all over campus: dorm officers in Fresh- 
man dorms, a hall-full in Heilman, a few in 
Brewer, Faircloth, and Barefoot, and the major 
part of the class in Poteat. Yet, our Juniors have 
come to school, ready for another great year of 
aughing and crying, singing and talking, 
studying and playing, and just being typical 
Meredith students. 

OAK LEAVES 1976-71 


Joy Alcoke 

Cecilia Allen 

Mary Kay Allsbrook 

Gail Anderson 

Becky Armstrong 

Lane Saker 

Vanetta Bakt 

Jackie Ball 

Caroline Banks 

Becca Barnes 

Jenny Barton 

Helen Beacham 

Peggy Beale 

Sheree Begor 

Rebecca Ann Bennett 

Diane Benson 

Susan Bissette 

Susan Blackman 

Phyllis Braswe 

Jeanne Bray 

Nancy Brewbaker 

Hazel Browning 

Patricia Brugnolotti 

Amelia Bryant 

Evelyn Buie 

Jacqueline Bonn 

Phyllis Burnett 

Jenny Carlton 

Sue Carpenter 

Kathryn Christian 

72-OAK LEAVES 1976 

Cornhuskin' 76, Junior Class Song 

Stop all your moppin' alone in the deck 
Come see the tricks we play 
Jokers are wild and so are we 
Here on "Cornhuskin Day!" 

Carol Clapp 
Linda Clark 
Marcia Clark 
Martha Claybrook 
Lee Coble 
Hope Collier 

Omega Collins 
Pamela Cook 
Sara Cotey 
Sue Crabtree 
Sara Ruth Cralle 
Cherry Croom 

Lynn Culpepper 
Pam Dabney 
Kim Dale 
Susan Daniel 
Paula Davenport 
Louise Davis 

OAK LEAVES 1976-73 


Debbie Edwards 
Nancy Edwards 
Jean Elliot 
Christy Emerson 
Martha Ferebee 
Debbie Finch 

Carmel Finger 

Patricia Fishel 

Ann Fonville 

Phyllis Franklin 

Kathy Frazier 

Chariot Frye 

Juniors Spark Spirit 
On Freshman Halls 

rts the Freshmen hall grapevine begins to 
twine, it quite naturally entangles those Juniors 
who by fame or fortune have somehow man- 
aged to abide their third year on the Western 
side of the court. Under their leadership the 
Freshmen acquire the Spirit of Meredith and 
become "the Hall." To witness the enthusiasm, 
newness and exhiliration of the Freshmen cer- 
tainly enlivens the year of those juniors on the 
halls of Vann, String, and Carroll. 

Joy Denny 

Cindy Dickie 

Nancy Digh 

Debbie Dunlap 

Ruth Dupree 

Anne Edge 

74-OAK LEAVES 1976 

Jo Ann Funderburke 
Denise Gaskins 
Suzanne Gaskins 
Jane Gates 
Doris George 
Karen Gerace 

Saralyn Gillespie 
Christine Glascock 
Barbara Glover 
Debra Godwin 
Betsy Graham 
Genny Hale 

Julee Haley 
Elizabeth Hall 
Pam Hall 
Dorothy Hankins 
Jane Harris 
Catherine Harris 

Myra Harris 
Rhonda Harris 
Susan Harrison 
Jan Hart 
Linda Haskell 
Katherine Haskins 

Caroline Hart 
Holly Hayes 
Judy Helsabeck 
Kimberly Hicks 
Karen Hill 
Nancy Hines 

Betty Hoffman 
Janet Hornaday 
Cindy Horton 
Rebecca Hudson 
Lori Husbands 
Denise Hutchins 

OAK LEAVES 1976-75 


Harriett Jones 

Julie Jones 

Kimberly Jordan 

Jamie Kenyon 

Teresa Kiger 

Betty Kimball 

Cheryl Koob 

Terry Lacy 

Susan Lawrence 

Beth Leavel 

Gail Ledbetter 

Mary Lewis 

Kaye Lifsey 

Charlyn Logan 

Sally Lomax 

Mary Jane Ludt 

Jennie Lynch 

Jonne Allyson 

McGuffin rl 

Millie McLaney 

Lynn McRainey 

Nancy Martin 

Vickie Massey 

Janet Maxwell 

Sandra Mayberry 

Teri Meadows 

Freda Middleton 

Martha Morgan 

Mary Ann Morgan 

Nancy Morse; 

Elizabeth Munt 

76-OAK LEAVES 1976 

Elizabeth Nanney 
Glenda Neal 
Deborah Niswonger 
Lynda Noffsinger 
Virginia Norton 
Margaret Odell 

Amy Odom 
Linda O'Neal 
Janet Osmer 
Sandy Oxford 
Virginia Patrick 
Belinda Patterson 

Joyce Pendergraft 
I Carol Pennel 
' Carolyn Pennington 

Cathy Pickett 

Laura Plonk 

Betsy Porter 

OAK LEAVES 1976-77 


Kathleen Pratt 

Beth Privett 

Margaret Rancke 

Anne Reece 

Diana Rhodes 

Alice Richards 

Sarah Richardson 

India Richmond 

Susan Roberts 

Jean Robinette 

Marion Robinson 

Nedra Rogers 

Betsy Rowlett i, 
Ellen Rumley ^ 
Nancy Schult 

Pam Schultz 
Debbie Secrist 

Cindi Sharpe 

Martha Sheely 

Suzanne Shell 

Alice Simmons 

Charlene Simpson 

Laura Singletary 

Cindy Smith 

Darlene Smith 

Judy Smith 

Pam Smith 

Phyllis Smith 

Susan Smith 

Ann Stamey 

Beverly Steen 

Beth Steagall 

Sharon Stephenson 

Janice Stewart 

Elaine Strothcr 

Suzanne Styron 

78-OAK LEAVES 1976 

Julie Sunatt 
Diana Swann 
Debbie Talbert 
Mary Tallman 
Cindy Tart 

Heather Taylor 
Julie Taylor 
Kitty Taylor 
Rosemary Taylor 
Janet Thigpen 
Judy Toliver 

Margaret Tucker 
Teresa Turner 
Sherry Upchurch 
Janice Wilson 
Beth Veasey 
Donna Vereen 

Jean-Anne Virtuoso 
Nancy Ware 
Kathy Warren 
Susan Watson 
Jackie Webb 
Elizabeth Welsh 

Sheila West 
Shelly Wester 
Wanda White 
Margaret Whitehurst 
Beth Wicker 
Barbara Wiggins 

Debbie Wilson 
Dianne Williamson 
Gail Yates 

OAK LEAVES 1976-79 


President, Patti Ellis; Vice President, Betsy Lee; Secretary, Ruth Butler; Treasurer, Beth Cobb 

80-OAK LEAVES 1976 

The Sophomores Are Back! 

Long lines of hungry, apprehensive fresh- 
men mark the scenes of the "get-acquainted" 
picnic at Meredith College. Suddenly from 
across the green grass of the courtyard, a 
shriek pierces the polite chi-chat of the new 



Ah! the Sophomores are back! With their an- 
imated, "go-get-'em" spirit, the Sophomores 
are back. Hoping to continue those friendships 
begun last year, the Sophomores are back. 
Ready to take over campus jobs; to finish their 
English requirements; to declare their majors; 
to complete their P.E. courses, the Sophomores 
are back. Some will transfer next year, some 
will succumb to "Sophomore Slump," some 
will graduate early, but for the time being, en- 
thusiasm reigns, and oh! the Sophomores are 

.OAK LEAVES 1976-81 


Sophomore Slump gets a Boost 

The year 1976 offered few opportunities for the 
sophomore class to slump. If deciding what to de- 
clare for a major didn't demand much thought, 
studying to pull up the old G.P.A. did. Steak night 
and bacon for breakfast offered some excitement, 
and midnight fire alarms were always a change of 
pace. Maybe a little slouching now and theh, but 
slump? NEVER! 

Denise Adams 

Donna Albritton 

Janet Aldridge 

Mary Ann Alga 

Cindy Allen 

Kay Allen 

Linda Allgood 

Julie Amos 

Saribeth Anderson 

Viki Atkinson 

Helen Attia 

Lisa Baile\ 

Liz Bailey 

Sherry Baker 

Elizabeth Baldwin 

Debra Barker 

Anna Barnes 

Julia Barnes 

Debra Bass 

Mary Glynn Bates 

Anne Baughan 

Florence Beattie 

Susan Beeson 

Anne Bell 

82-OAK LEAVES 1976 

Teresa Bell 
Libba Black 
Denise Bleckley 
Kelley Blake 
Catherine Blankenship 
Harriet Blanks 

Leigh Anne Boone 
Debra Brackett 
Georganne Branham 
Barbara Bray 
Julie Breedlove 
Sharon Brewer 

Kathryn Bridges 
Annie Brock 
Debbie Brooks 
Susan Brooks 
Celia Brown 

:.**J Karalee Brown 

Melanie Brown 
Debra Bryant 
Ruth Butler 
Barbara Byrnes 
Beth Carlton 
Ann Carr 

Cheryl Carroll 
Margaret Carter 
Susan Casper 
Eleanor Chappell 
Susan Clodfelter 
Elaine Coats 

Beth Cobb 
Lou Cocker 



(to the tune of "SUPER- 

Shortages of toilet paper, gasoline 
and money— When we find ourselves 
in need it really isn't funny. This prob- 
lem has been plaguing us we've seen 
down through the ages. It's getting so 
impossible, it really quite enrages . . . 

(to the tune of "DO RE MI") 

... Me and You and Exxon too. 
Shortages are everywhere. The alpha- 
bet is short, it seems— A's are really get- 
ting rare. Time is also on our list. Men 

Sophomores' Theme Song 

at Meredith are missed. When will 
some of us get kissed? Oh, it's really 
getting rough. 

(to the tune of "DOMINIQUE") 

There are shortages of this and that; 
we see them every day. It seems they're 
here to stay. Due to lack of parking 
space For your car there is no place. So 
we'll have to wait 'til May. 

(to the tune of "A SPOONFUL OF 

When we go to wash our clothes, we 
have no Quarters of dimes. It happens 

all the time . . . happens all the time. 
We have shortages of letters; we have 
shortages of sleep; We're even running 
short of rhymes. 

(to the tune of "SUPER- 

Shortages of toilet paper, gasoline 
and money— When we find ourselves 
in need it really isn't funny. Now we 
have a need to find an ending for our 
theme song: But we can't so we'll stop 
short . . . 

Kathy Compton 

Kathryn Cook 

Becky Copeland 

Lorri Cornblatt 

Janice Couch 

Kathy Coulter 

Jamie Council 

Julia Meade Cover 

Myrla Cox 

Gayla Crane 

Mary Creech 

Meredith Crews 

Kathy Cross 

Tricia Crouch 

Caryll Cunningham 

Frances Cuttle 

Kay Darnell 

Shawn Daughtridge 

Lisa Denson 

Elizabeth deShazo 

Sara Dew 

Amy Dickson 

Laura Dixon 

Julia Dorman 

84-OAK LEAVES 1976 

Donna Douglas 
Patty Dodgen 
Anne Duke 
Patti Duncan 
Cindy Edwards 
Maria Edwards 

Ruth Edwards 
Tricia Edwards 
Deborah Elliott 
Mary Ellis 
Patti Ellis 
Claire Elmore 

Penn Ervin 
)oan Evans 
Carolyn Farley 
Ila Felton 
Nadean Ferguson 
Beverly Finger 

Susan Fishel 
Carol Fitch 
Lou Flippin 
Frankie Fowler 
Susan Gaylon 
Pam Garner 

Kathy Going 

ecky Gordon 
Susan Gouldin 

OAK LEAVES 1976 -a5 


Elizabeth Graves 

Jan Greer 
Annette Gregory 

Cathy Griffin 
Ruth Ann Griggs 

Gail Groover 
Mary Lou Haley 

Sarah Hall 

Sharon Hardin 

Linda Hardy 

Mary Anne Hardy 

Sharon Harper 

Beth Harrison 

Karen Harrison 

Susan Harrison 

Rebecca Hart 

Carol Hedspeth 

Pamelia Herndon 

Meg Hess 

86-OAK LEAVES 1976 

Rita Hester 
Kim Hewlett 
Cindy Hici<man 
Laura Hinson 
Tricia Hogan 
Sharon Holder 

Charlene Holland 
Faye Hollowell 
Bobbie Holt 
Jane Hooper 
Cindy Horton 
Sheila Horton 

Annette Howell 
Lynne Hudson 
Alice Ann Hyman 
Cassandra Idol 
Wendy James 
Rebecca Johnson 

Elizabeth Johnston 
Tonya Jones 
Lynne Kane 
Bonnie Kelly 
Carol Kelly 
Karen Keesling 

Cynthia Kerr 
Julie Kicklighter 
Pam Kingry 
Lisa Lafoon 
Mary Lane 
Jacque Lawrence 

Sally Lawrence 
Betsy Lee 
Linda Lewis 
Debi Lockwood 
Marianna Long 
Becky Lynch 

OAK LEAVES 1976-87 


Lynn MacCubbin 
Melea Madden 
Karen Mashburn 
Nora Matthews 
Laura Maynard 
Debbie McGee 

Cindy McLamb 

Julia McNair 

Dorothy McNcer 

Amy Mendenhall 

Jane Mesic 

Sue Michael 

Annette Michelli 

Jacqueline Mills 

Becky Minick 

June Mitchell 

Kathy Mitchell 

Joyce Montgomery 

Susan Moore 

Kathy Morgan 

Wendy Morrison 

Janet Mullen 

Rebecca Murph 

Sara Neel 

Phoebe Nestor 

Julia Nipper 

Sherry Olson 

Judy Paget 

Betty Parker 

Dana Parks 

Ann Parrish 

Ibby Patrick 

Lynn Ann Perkins 

Marcella Perrot 

Deborah Phillips 

Elaine Plauche 

88-OAK LEAVES 1976 

Sherry Singer 

Jane Price 
Suzanne Price 
Dell Pritchard 
Nancy Radford 
Meg Handle 
Elizabeth Raynor 

Pam Reed 
Vicky Riddle 
Regina Riggan 
Pamela Robertson 
Laurie Rodberg 
Page Rose 

Marti Sallee 
Brenda Scott 
Cheryl Shearin 
Nancy Shinn 
Tina Shirley 
Nancy Simpson 

Opening with the frame words of a radiocaster decl- 
armg the Sophomore Class "mysteriously missing." 
this year's Sophomore stunt portrayed the epitomy of 
sprmg at Meredith. Girls in bikinis discussing topics 
anywhere from school work to Old Maids to the latest 
soap opera kept students amused as they saw them- 
selves reflected in the cast members' antics. The bi- 
ggest laugh was undoubtedly brought by the clever 
surprise ending. Looks of humor swept over the stilled 
faces of the sunbathers' as the silence was broken by 
the popular themesong to the movie "Jaws." With a 
brief closing report, the radiocaster clarifies the an- 
swer to the question raised by the skit's title. Writer- 
producers Kathy Morgan and Susan Fishel are to be 
commended for their work on this dramatic 



Amy Snipes 

Emily Sockell 

Anne Spracklin 

Mary Margaret Steele 

Janet Steelman 

Janice Stewart 

Kathy Stincs 

Suzanne Stocks 

Suzanne Stokes 

Carol Strange 

Betty Stricklanil 

Carol Styles 

Marsha Thomas 

Darlene Thompson 

Ann Thornton 

Nancy Travis 

Cindy Truelove 

Kathy Tudor 


90-OAK LEAVES 1976 

Beth Watkins 
Susan Watson 
Tina Watson 
Wendy Walton 
Joni Fay Watts 
Mary Ann Watts 

Susan Weathington 
Carol Webb 
Jan Wells 
Monica Wesley 
Laura West 
Liz Wester 

Ann Wheeless 
Emily Widman 
Alix Willcox 
June Williams 
Sondra Williams 
Braxton Wilson 

Teresa Winslow 
Celea Witt 
Danita Wood 
Cathy York 
Monette Young 
Dorothy Zeigler 

OAK LEAVES 1976-91 


Freshman Class Officers: Belinda Smith, President; Carol Edmiston, Vice-President; Debbie Peele, Secretary; 
Lou Graham, Treasurer. 

92-OAK LEAVES 1976 

Cornhuskin' Spirit Strong 

Night falls on the Meredith campus. All 
is quiet; study dominates the evening for 
most of the students. Suddenly-a yell 
across the courtyard and girls are storm- 
ing down the halls only to congregate on 
the breezeways or at the fountain. How 
do we explain this sudden disturbance of 
the peace? Freshman Spirit and Corn- 
huskin'. It takes only minor urging from 
various hall proctors and classmates to 
get things underway. Soon cheers ring out 
as more and more get into the spirit of 
things. The fountain's on and the Fresh- 
man are ready to fight. A rowdy march 
down Sophomore halls proves sufficient 
in stirring up some opposition, and soon 
the courtyard is full of wet, laughing girls. 
Thank goodness for the Freshman and 
their lively spirit which serves to grant us 
all an entertaining break from the routine 
of everyday college life. 



Nancy Abies 

Lauren Adams 

Meredith Albright 

Kim Aicoke 

Vickie Allen 

Anne Arnold 

Jane Austin 

Tricia Averelt 

Laurie Baker 

Lisa Barker 

Beth Barnes 

Mary Lou Barrett 

Carolyn Earth 

Deborah Bass 

Leslie Baum 

Mary Beth Baecher 

Katherine Beale 

Mary ]o Beam 

Angle Beddard 

Beth Ann Bernhart 

Lisa Biddix 

Cindy Bizzcl 

Rita Blevins 

Randi Bordeaux 

Mary Catherine 


Rosalie Bowers 

Leslie Boyes 

Joyce Bradner 

Laura Brakebill 

Cindy Branch 

Ellen Brinson 
Melanie Brinson 
Lee Brown 
Denise Bryan 
Anne Bryant 
Susie Bullard 

94-OAK LEAVES 1976 

Ros( mary Camp 
Melissa Carraway 
Diane Cashwell 
C^arol Gates 
Kimberly Caudle 
<i.'^ Susan Cecil 

OAK LEAVES 1976-95 


Kathryn Cole 

Anna Comer 

Carrie Jo Compton 

Deborah Conner 

Donna Kay Cope 

Cathy Cox 

Liz Cridlin 

Pam Cumbie 

Pamela Dail 

Claudia Daniel 

Hilda Sue Daniel 

Mary Ann Daskal 

Kathy Davis 
Lisa Davis 

April Dean 
Donna Dean 
Jan Dedmon 

Dixie Dicus 

Cindy DiUard 

Heather Divoky 

Melanie Drew 

Shelia Dull 

Teresa Duncan 

Pandora Dunn 

Carol Edmiston 
Robin Edwards 

Teri Edwards 
Vickie Edwards 
Margaret Evans 

Kim Everhart 

Lisa Everhart 

Anne Farley 

Margie Farley 

Kim Farlow 

Valerie Farmer 

Diane Faw 

96-OAK LEAVES 1976 

Mary Scott P'erebee 
Liz Ferguson 
Leigh Ferrell 
Cathy Fleming 
Connie Floyd 
Elizabeth Forester 

Sue French 
Claudia Furr 
Karen Gibson 
Laurie Gibson 
Liz Glascock 
Sandy Godwin 

Katrina Graham 
Lou Graham 
Sandra Graham 
Ami Gray 
Gale Gray 
Melissa Gray 

Myra Griffin 
Nora Griffin 

Rebecca GuUion 
Peggy Gurganious 

Molly Hall 
Stella Hall 

OAK LEAVES 1976-97 

if»'« I, •>«/ 


Jennifer Hammond 

Sandra Harbinson 

Liisa Harlas 

Ginger Harlow 

Susan Harrell 

Caroline Harris 

Carolyn Harris 

Beverly Hartsell 

Lois Hayes 

Wanda Henderson 

Holly Hepler 

Helen Higgins 

Kathy Hi^h 

Kathy Louise Hill 

Renee Holcomb 

Kristy Holleman 

Marty HoUinshed 

Dell Hooper 

AstroteRton Society Wins Rush 

Yellow and white, the colors of the Astros, 
dominated the campus on Wednesday of 
Freshman Rush Week. Yellow stars, yellow 
eggs, yellow goats of construction paper, yel- 
low T-shirts, and yellow crepe paper helped to 
influence 210 Freshmen to pledge the Astro So- 
ciety, according to Cris Pritchard, Astro 

The Philaretian Society, led by Presiden 
Nancy Elliot, accepted 105 pledges on Decision 
Day-105 girls influenced by blue-dyed eggs in 
the cafeteria, blue crepe paper, and a love for 
Milton the Bear. 

98-OAK LEAVES 1976 

l'< ( f^\ Horner 
Ml tide Huff 
I)i nis( Ingram 
I hkIcI [x 
Kim lohnson 
Caroli Jones 

Denise Jones 
Lyn Jones 
Mary Kay Jones 
Sharon Jones 
Suzanne Jordan 
Betty Joyce 

Ldu [oyner 
K.ithy Keith 
Susan Kellam 
liillie Jo Kennedy 
Susan Kitts 
Katharine Knobchich 

Susan Koonce 
Carol Lancaster 
Elizabeth Langston 
Kim Lathan 
Judy Laughlin 
Molly Lawrence 

Debbie Leigh 
Jana Leonard 
Laura Lindsay 
Charlotte Lolley 
jane Long 
Sandy Long 

Ann Lomax 
Teresa Lovette 
Laurie Lutz 
Sally Lytch 
Karen Mangum 
Joy Manning 

OAK LEAVES 1976-99 


Marlene Martin 
Suzanne Mattox 
Carol Matthews 
Pam Maxwell 
Robin Mayberry 
Mindie McCollum 

Bonnie McGee 

Lou Ann McLamb 

Melinda Merrell 

Carol Michael 

Patricia Millner 

Sue Mims 

Angle Mincy 

Mandy Mitchell 

Donna Mohorn 

Gail Moody 

Debbie Moore 

Eleanor MorRjn 

100-OAK LEAVES 1976 

Carolyn Morton 
Elizabeth Moss 
Shori Mozingo 
Janet Murray 
Najla Nave 
Ann Newman 

Nancy Newton 
Sharon Nixon 
Donna Norman 
ennifer Norvell 
Debbie Norris 
Mona Norris 

Lisa Odom 
Eleanor Ossman 
Kathy Overman 
Ruth Pardue 
Anno Parker 
Michelle Parrot 

Karen Patseavouras 
Mary Kim Paul 
Beth Pearsall 
Debbie Peele 
Petie Perkins 
Vikki Perry 

OAK LEAVES 1976-101 


Barbara Rathbun 

Robin Reich 

Nannette Reid 

Cammy Reierson 

Pam Rembert 

Suzanne Revels 

Alisa Rhodes 

Bonnie Rickles 

Leslie Roberts 

Patty Robinson 

Laura Rodman 

Beth Rose 

Janet Rose 

Carol Roser 

Claire Rountree 

Marcia Rowe 

Marilyn Rowe 

Sandy Rowinski 


Freshmen Orientation: 
A Time To Adjust 

Freshmen Orientation and Reg- 
istration meant many things to 
many people. It was a hectic time 
with everyone trying to adjust to 
new faces and a new home. Ori- 
entation was a time of learning— 
about ourselves, about others on 
our halls and especially about the 
Meredith College handbook. Reg- 
istration was a time of panic- 
praying that the special class you 
wanted wouldn't be closed out 
and feeling blessed relief when 
you found out the class was still 
open. Most of all, Freshmen ori- 
entation and registration meant a 
step out into the world of becom- 
ing an adult. 

Sarah Ruark 
Leslie Schenck 
Michelle Scott 
Sandra Scott 
Beverly Sing 
Karen Slate 

Dee Sloan 
Belinda Smith 
Dawn Smith 
Julia Smith 
Karen Smith 
Teresa Smith 

Ann Spencer 
Janet Stabile 
Gen Stanley 
Peg Stansill 
Cindy Stinnette 
Mary Sullivan 

OAK LEAVES 1976-103 


Janet Surli s 

Jeannie Sutton 

Margaret Swann 

Kip Ta\lu( 

Beth Ta\loi 

Diane Thomas 

Anne Timberlalvi 

Beverlj, Toll i 


Lynne Tomhnson 


Marv Truslow 

Susan Tu( k 

Martha Tui k( i 

LaNelle Turhngton 

Lynn Tuinei 

Sissy Tvndail 

Tina Vanncn 

Miriam Victorian 
Holly Waddell 
Nancy Walk, i 
Elizabeth Wall 
Alyce Wain n 
Cathv Warren 

Cathy A. Wain n 

Nena Warren 

Wanda Warren 

Rebecca Wali is 

Linda Watson 

Suzanne Wa\ m 

Terri Wea\t i 

Leigh Welborn 

Frances Weldon 

Beth Welfare 

Kathryn Wells 

Cindy West 

104-OAK LEAVES 1976 


Barbara Westbrook 
Beth Wheless 
Ellon White 
Cindy Whitenack 
Julia Whitley 
Lynn Whitley 

Susan Whitley 
loan Widdifield 
Susan Wilkins 
Anne Williams 
Liza Williams 
Beth Williamson 

Jan Williamson 
Lisa Willis 
Sherry Wilson 
Mary Winslow 
Anita Wolfe 
Carolyn Woltz 

Margaret Wright 
Sherry Wyatt 

OAK LEAVES 1976-105 


106-OAK LEAVES 1976 



1 ' 



. .4. > 



Clubs Encourage Spirit 
of Self-Fulfillment 

Habla espanol? or Parlez-vous Francais? Or 
[does good old English hold more appeal for 
you? Perhaps it's politics, religion, or entertain- 
ment that season those long dreary weeks of 
jclass. Whatever your interest, all in all, it's 
] people working with people and for people 
that make any Meredith organization 

Needless to say, the success of an organiza- 

ion is dependent upon the satisfaction it gives 

t's members. Thus the purpose of Meredith or- 

Iganizations is to give the student opportunity 

Ito exercise and develop her interests beyond 

Ithe classroom experience. 

OAK LEAVES 1976-107 


SGA Has Successful Year 

SGA began its 1975-76 work by sponsoring an In- 
ternational Bazaar. Goods representing world crafts 
were available to eager purchasers. Also reflecting 
an international interest was the United Nations 
speaker, Weldon Gaddy. 

SGA also concerned itself with Meredith's social 
regulations. Early in the Fall semester sophomores 
were granted SDH. Further sign-out legislation in- 
volved omitting the sign-out system altogether ex- 
cept overnights. 

Academically, SGA again advocated faculty eval- 
uations. This 2-year old procedure is one initiated 
by the organization. 

Judicial Board and the Executive Committee held 
an Honor Code survey. Furthermore, SGA voted to 
have all social offenses be under the jurisdiction of 
Interdorm Board while academic infractions be the 
concern of Judi Board. 

1975-76 also saw SGA take an active part in advo- 
cating health care among the Student Body. Armed 
with funds from the Raising the Sights of Women 
program, the Association held a Health Care Sym- 
posium in March. Booklets were distributed and a 
Pep Smear clinic was held. 

Executive Officers: Rebecca Askew, President 
Shearon Roberts, Vice President. 

108-OAK LEAVES 1976 


Executive Committee: Sue Carpenter; Becky Weems, Virginia Norton, President; Janet Burke; Linda O'Neal. 

OAK LEAVES 1976-109 





v^ A. 

1st Row: Barbara Heath Talley: Cathy Bhind: Patsy Vehorn; Missy Upchurch. 2nd Row: Phyllis 
Smith; Amy Garber; Cindy Truelove: Rebecca Askew; Shearon Roberts; Virginia Norton. 


il ■■'■ 


Myrla Cox; Tricia Crouch; Cindy Lee; Carol Fitch; Amy Garber. Chairman; Susan Tew; Nancy Martin; 

Christine Glascock; Linda Teal. 

110-OAK LEAVES 1976 


1st Row: Virginia Norton; Sue Vehorn; Missy Upchurch, Chairman; Julee Haley. 2nd 
Row: Amy Garber; Miss Farrell; Rebecca Askew; Mary Ann Gilbert; Cindy Dickie. 
3rd Row: Mr. Sumner; Dr. Wiechert; Ann Farley; Nancy Walker; Sue Michael; 
Louise Crouch. 


1st Row: Fennette Waters; Denise Brown; April Dean. 2nd Row: Pam Schultz; Barbara Heath 
Talley, Chairman; Peggy Land; Debbie Doss. 

OAK LEAVES 1976-111 



Cathy Blanci, Chairman; Julia Meade Cover, Secretar; 

1st Row: Barbara Heath Talh'v, Kay Martin, Phyllis Smith, Mary Margaret Steel(>. 2nd Row: Hazel 

Browning, Diana Swan, Terri Meadows, Kathy Christian, Beth Leavel. 3rd Row: Lou Ann Stricklin. Mary 

Kay Allsbrook, Menda Sue Godfrey, Deborah Roebuck, Julie Kicklighter. 4th Row: Alice Simmons, Kitty 

Taylor, Sharon Stephenson, Betsy Rowlett, Becky Sugg. 5th Row: Meg Hess, Page Rose, Robin Mayberry, 

Patti Duncan. 6th Row: Lizzy Hall, Ann Aiken. Suzanne Stocks. Nancy Simpson. 7th Row: Cathy Pickett. 

112-OAK LEAVES 1976 


1st Row: Mix Wilcox: Rita Hester; Lisa Denson; Jan Greer; Frances Cuttle: Sherry Baker; Kathy Mor- 
gan; Patti Duncan; Patsy Vehorn, Chief. 2nd Row; Rebecca Murph; Dorothy McNeer; Anne Bell; Julia 
Dorman; Elizabeth Graves: Sue Michael; Susan Fishel; Linda Allgood; Susan Moore. 3rd Row: Danita 
Wood; Annette Howell; Ibby Patrick; Jane Price; Jackie Lawrence; Myrla Cox; Ginger Gay; Cindy Al- 
len; Collen Strother; Lynn Ann Perkins; Sue Vehorn; Carol Fitch; Meg Hess: Beth Cobb; Karalee 

OAK LEAVES 1976-113 



Libby Phillips Gieso, Art Editor; Rosemary Stankwytch, Editor. 

Meredith's literary magazine is entitled The 
Acorn. It's contributions for the 1975-76 year 
have been co-ordinated by editor Rosemary 
Stankwytch and other dedicated members of 
the staff. It is published twice yearly— once in 
the fall semester and once in the spring. The 
Acorn attempts to integrate the various cre- 
ative resources of the Meredith community, 
and students, faculty, and staff are urged to use 
The Acorn as a forum to share their creative 
ability with the rest of the campus. Entries in 
the magazine include poetry, short fiction, seri- 
ous essays, humor, and cartoons. More art 
work has been added this year than ever be- 
fore through the cooperation of the Art Depart- 
ment. Through the years. The Acorn has con- 
tinued to grow and adapt to the needs and 
interests of the Meredith community. 






^^-— — -^^^^^li^w 

— ~^-^i^^^^i 

»• i^^^^i 



Anne Grayson Fonville, Associate Editor. 

114-OAK LEAVES 1976 

Susan Moore; Maggie Odell: Sharon Ellis; Allyn Vogel; Marty Hollinshed. 


' Allyn Vogel, Editor 

OAK LEAVES 1976-115 


OAK ^> 


Sarah Ruth Cralle, Assistant Editor; Linda Green, Editor; Cathy Roberts, Business Manager. 

What does it really take to put together a yearbook? Perhaps 
few of those eagerly awaiting the finished product can really 
answer this question. But to those who work diligently to pro- 
duce that finished product, the response is an involved one! In- 
deed, so much goes behind the scenes that most people fail to 
realize. Take, for example, the photography. There is the set- 
ting up of a time schedule and posting it in enough places to 
remove any possible "I didn't see the notice" excuses from stu- 
dents . . . leading the photographer around . . . arranging the 
group creatively while still getting everyone's good side to the 
camera . . . getting everyone to smile at once . . . and finally in- 
suring that the pictures are developed. Yet photography is but 
one small aspect of the yearbook! Still, there is copy, lay-out, 
financing, editing, and on and on . . . Indeed all staff members 
devote tireless hours to the publishing of the Oak Leaves. 


L ^ "jI^-^^ ,^^t- *^ 

W^ ^ ^ 

^^^wi^^V^ \ v^ 


^^^'' (. 

Copy: Sara Cotey; Suzanne Styron; Ramona Waddell; Anne 


116-OAK LEAVES 1976 

Layout Staff: 1st Row: Saribeth Anderson; Candi Pope; Heather Divokey. 
2nd Row: Deborah Ferguson; Lucy Davis; Wilma Ellis; Dana Edwards- 
Susan Grogan; Linda Haskell; Debbie Dunlap. ' Photographer: Lou Mickey. 

' Photographer: Helen Kastretsios. 

OAK LEAVES 1976-117 



1st Row: Martha Claybrook: Patty Needham; Kathy Morgan; Sally Zeigler: Suzannr Deal: jane 

Gilbert: Diane Creech. 2nd Row: Ceebee Banks: Terry Meadows: Joy Hussey: Ann Bowen: Janet 

Michael; Susan Faulk; Carol Burbank; Donna Stroupe. 3rd Row: Karen Creamer; Mary Kay 

Allsbrook; Mary Mac Stroud; Caroline Hart; Dondra Bland; Donna McLarnb. 4th Row: Linda 

Evans; Carolyn Warren; Trudy Miles; Louise Crouch; Laura Jackson; Nancy Edwards; Nancy 

Elliot; Leigh Taylor; Patty Alexander; Janice Wallace; Nancy Strickland. 


1st Row; Carol Burbank; Sally Zeigler; Jane Gilbert; Janice Wallace. 2nd Row; Carolyn Warren: 
Nancy Elliot; Trudy Miles; Diane Creech; Donna McLamb; Ann Bowen; Laura Jackson; Janet 


118-OAK LEAVES 1976 


^ '" ' CHORUS 


1st Row: Ruth Edwards; Dorothy McNeer; Mary Lou Haley; Donna Hill; Elizabeth Graves; Leigh 
McRoy. 2nd Row: Dianne Williamson; Wendy Morrison; Mary Creech; Ann Stutts; Regina Riggan; 
Susan Kattes. 3rd Row: Debra Coates; Susan Hill; Wanda Warren; Lisa York; Julie Kicklighter. 4th 
Row; Becky Lynch; Pam Smith; Elizabeth Hall; Jamie Counsel; Charlene Holland; Diane Garner. 

OAK LEAVES 1976-119 



1st Row: Diana Rhodes; Betty Strickland; Liz Wester; Kim Jordan, President; Becky Sugg. 2nd Row: 
Virginia Patrick; Betsy Lee; Ginny Sutton; Maria Edwards: Bonnie McGee; Cindy Hickman; Debbie 
Tedder; Gayla Crane; Linda Huneycutt; Janet Koonce. 3rd Row: Beth Ferguson, Instructor; Reya 
Blunt; Burke Felton; Anne Farley; Gen Stanley; Gail Phelan; Jackie Webb; Christine Glascock; Mary 

Ann Gilbert; Tonya Jones; Claire Vellines. 

120-OAK LEAVES 1976 


1st Row: Carol Pennel: Chris Pritchard, President: Terri Meadows. 2nd Row: Sarah Ruth Cralle: 
Denise Gaskins; Meg Hess. 

Marshalls: Linda Evans; Denise Adams: Ceebee Banks: Trudy Miles. 

OAK LEAVES 1976-121 


1st Row: Monica Wesley; Teresa Bryant. 2nd Row: Venetta Baker; 
"DT 7T T Priscilla Chadwick; Jacqueline Mills. 3rd Row: Faye Wilkerson; 

-L' V LJ Marilyn Bledsoe. President; Joyce Montgomery. 



orflr^ a A. 

1st Row: Maria Tugwell; Sherry Long; Debra Williams; Patsy Vehorn; Ginger Kimball; Peggy Land; 
Sally Johnson, President; Margaret Taylor. 2nd Row: Debra Godwin; Nancy Hines; Susan Foltz; 
Karalee Brown; Missy Dunn; Sherry Begor; Robin Reich. 3rd Row: Glenda Neal; Hazel Browning; Jo 
Anne Bowles; Pat Fisher; Elizabeth Pope; Katherine Hoskins; Cindi Sharpe; Cindy Dickie: Janet 

Hornaday; Nancy Shultz. 

122-OAK LEAVES 1976 


1st Row: Debbie Talbert: Cathy Harris; Ellen Rumley: Janet Batten; Joy Denny. 2nd Row; Maggie Odell, Peggy 
Beale; Elizabeth Munt: Denise Gaskins; Myra Griffin; Karen Keesling. 3rd Row: Belinda Patterson; Nancy 
Simpson; Fran Stroud; Frances Cuttle; Annette Howell; Page Rose; Eleanor Chappell; Cathy York. 

Executive Committee— 1st Row: Debbie Talbert; Janet 
Batten; Cathy York. 2nd Row: Maggie Odell; Nancy 
Simpson; Joy Denny; Page Rose. 3rd Row: Fran Stroud, 
President; Frances Cuttle; Denise Gaskins. 

OAK LEAVES 1976-123 





1st Row: Maggie Odell: Dr. Johnson: Debbie Doss, President: Kathy Davis: Sara Cotey. 2nd Row: Dr. 

Page: Mrs. Jones; Vivian Keasler: Nancy Newton; Miriam Victorian; Mary Creech; Corky McGuffin. 

3rd Row: Terry Brooks; Mrs. Brewer; Dr. Knight: Carolyn Morton: Mary Lane; Jackie Lawrence; 

Sharon McClanahan; Nancy Shinn: Darlene Smith; Suzanne Styron; Dr. Peacock. 



1st Row: Valerie Tyndale; Annette Roundtree, President; Genie Deese; Martha Morgan; Lisa 

Lafoon. 2nd Row; Jane Long; Deborah Wheeless; Anne Edge; Branda Hardin; Glenda Neal; 

Lucy Davis; Cindy Riggs; Jane Siceloff; Frances Erlich; Jeanie Bray: Cinda Tarton. 3rd Row: 

Debbie Niswonger; Margaret Rhyne; Celia Witt; Becky Johnson; Nancy Strickland. 

124-OAK LEAVES 1976 


1st Row: Leigh Taylor; Sally Zeigler; Beth Edwards; Diane Creech; Jackie Owen, President. 2nd 
Row: Maria Tugwell; Pam Plummer; Susan Tew; Terry Brooks; Nancy Strickland. 3rd Row: Sharon 
Ellis; Elizabeth Poe; Libby Giese; Louise Crouch; Sally Johnson; Margaret Taylor; Joann Ward; 
Cindy Riggs; Barbara Sutton; Dr. lone Knight. 

OAK LEAVES 1976-125 


^yjMn.i^ffL '**-**-«**'««**'^^^^^« 

—iiiwJIWBll^WB^^Iff ^^^^JW|*|^ ^^jli^t 

L ^4 ilF''wF^ 

J^^^ .ow ' ' ^^^^^^^^^^^^^H 

Btegte^ flnflta|^^K«-7^HB u <^'^ a 1 

r^ '^^k'^~ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^1 

r" ''^^wJBN^lT' ' jH'Ti 

^L ^'i^^^ "" '•- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^1 

It 2j ' ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H 



^m^; ;JI^;, jhH^^^^^^I 

iii' ^ T^^l 

■P-/- "dP^ 

L <^'^f ^'^.'^^^^l 


^/| 4 1 ^^H 

1 '»^( ; > 

T 1 ^, n ^^^1 

"1 ' ■ 

1st Row: Cindy Truelove; Nancy Pi'iitccost, President: |un(^ Swann. 2nd Row: Nancy Strickland: Kathy 

Frazier; Larry Williams, Advisor. 3rd Row: Menda Sue Godfrey: Wanda Henderson; Beverly Stein. 4th 

Row: Joni Fay Watts; Penn Irvin; Tricia Crouch. 5th Row: Debbie Niswonger; Caroline Kontze. 6th 

Row: Pamela Dabney: Sarah Ruth Cralle. 7th Row: Nancy Schultz: Terry Brooks. 

This school year has been a busy one for the Meredith Christian As- 
Jwj f /\ sociation. There were several on-campus activities such as the Fall Fo- 
rum which featured Lisa Sergio speaking on the topic "Your Time is 
Now" to coincide with the theme of "Women and Religion." Spring 
Forum consisted of a panel discussion concerning "Perspectives on 
Death." "Unfolding" was the theme for Religious Emphasis Week, Jan- 
uary 26-30, featuring a week of activities geared toward spiritual 

There were also many activities which expanded beyond the cam- 
pus itself. The MCA successfully sponsored "Toys for Tots" at Christ- 
mas in which gifts were collected for underprivileged children. Tutor- 
ing at the Methodist Home and Catholic Home, Recreational Activities 
at the Governor Morehead School for The Blind, the Interaction pro- 
gram at Dorthea Dix, and the Project HOPE working with the 
Women's Correctional Center were continued as the usual MCA 
projects. On a broader scale, the MCA sponsored a Hunger Fast and 
Guatemalan Relief to raise money to contribute to world-wide hunger 
relief efforts. 

126-OAK LEAVES 1976 


it Row: Ginger Kimball, President; Mary Margaret Steele; Hazel Browning; 
ranees Ehrlich; Diana Rhodes. 2nd Row: Wilma Ellis; Deborah Roebuck; 
lissy Dunn; Jane Gates; Mary Jane Ludt. 3rd Row: Debra Williams; Sherry 
ong; Susan Foltz; Nancy Boyette; Debbie Conner. 4th Row: Sheree Begor; 
ancy Schultz; Martha Shot Ferebee; Debbie Tedder; Phoebe Nestor. 


"MRA Makes Revolutionary 

The Fouth of July came early this year as 
MRA activists encouraged several riotous 
events on the Meredith campus. Corn- 
huskin' festivities aroused the entire student 
body into frenzied action. Play Day and In- 
tramurals were scenes of wholehearted en- 
thusiasm and physical activity. Stunt was a 
wild gathering and voices could be heard 
across campus. The Meredith Recreation 
Association provided the opportunity for 
fun, competition, and participation. The real 
July Fourth may look dim in comparison. 


it Row: Wendy Morris; Leigh McRoy; Susan Hill; Regina Riggan. 2nd Row: 
aren Creamer; Janet Cope; Leigh Taylor; Elizabeth Graves; Freda Middleton, 
resident. 3rd Row: Donna McLain; Janet Michael; Janice Wallace; Pam Smith. 

OAK LEAVES 1976-127 


1st Row: Joel Ann Reames; Barbara Wiggins; Gail Ledbetter; Jamie Kenyon; Charlene High; Sally Blue. 2nd 
Row: Dr. Lyn Aubrecht, Advisor; Dot Hankins, President; Jan Greer; Sherry Baker; Ann Harris; Kathy 

Lowis: Susan White. 


128-OAK LEAVES 1976 


^ A.3 

1st Row: Ann Aiken; Ann Cole; Jane Wall; Susan Smith; Charlene High; Lee Ann Kirk; Robin Houston; 
Deborah Wheeless; Cynthia Butler; Melanie Roebuck, President. 2nd Row: Elizabeth Neville; Beth 
Burnett; Ginger Kimball; Louise Crouch; Linda Jenkins; Ann Harris; Loretta Honeycutt; Margaret Rhyne; 
Debbie Carver; Cindy Riggs; Jane Rucker; Joanne Ward; Leigh McRoy. 


mi "^ 

1st Row: Susan Jordan; Diane Baker; Maria Tugwell, President; Karen Britt. 2nd Row: Cathy Bland; 
Nancy Pentecost; Dr. F. Grubbs; Becky Weems; Louise Crouch. 3rd Row: Susan Foltz; Robin Houston; 
Linda Jenkins; Diane Johnson; Linda Green. 

OAK LEAVES 1976-129 


Marshalls: Virginia Patrick, Ruth Edwards, Deborah Ferguson, Louise Crouch. 

1st Row: Patti Ellis: Nancy Elliott, President; Anne Edge. 2nd Row- 
Amy Mendenhal; Menda Sue Godfrey; Millie McLaney: Judy Smith. 

130-OAK LEAVES 1976 

1st Row: Nandy Truesdale, Advisor; Beth Leavel; Cathy Bland, 
President; Kim Hewlett. 2nd Row: Sharon Ellis; Kim Dare; Rebecca 
Askew; Viki Atkinson; Peggy Horner. 3rd Row: Suzanne Mattoz; 
Rebecca Childs; Allyn Vogel; Sharon Holder. 



1st Row: Susan Roberts; Gail Amon; Betsy Rowlett; Donna Vercen: Mary Kay Allsbrook. 
2nd Row: Sally Blue; Susan Tew; Barbara Wiggins; Linda Noffsinger; Gail Ledbetter, 
President; Susan Smith; Barbara Heath Talley. Standing: Lyn Aubrecht; Marie Mason, 

OAK LEAVES 1976-131 



1st Row: Jane Barnes; Leigh McRay; Beth Edwards; Dianne Creech; Kathy Morgan; Sally Ziegler; Linda Evans; 

Dorothy McNeer; Janet Cape; Elizabeth Hall. 2nd Row; Carol Clapp, President; Suzanne Deal; Karen 

Hampton; Marcella Perrot; Joy Hussey; Donna McLamb; Janice Wallace; Julie Kicklighter; Joyce Nethery. 3rd 

Row: Sue Crabtree; Martha Claybrook; Elizabeth Graves; Regina Riggan; Becky Hudson; Marcia Clark; Ann 

Bowen; Beth Privett; Leigh Taylor; Charlene Holland; Nancy Edwards. 


W'6 'M 


1st Row: Beverly Steen; Ginger Kimball; Missy Upchurch; Patsy Vehorn; Rebecca Askew; Linda 
Green: Beth Edwards. 2nd Row: Menda Sue Godfrey; Hazel Browning; Allyn Vogel; Shearon 
Roberts; Becky Weems; Louise Crouch, President; Susan Tew; Nancy Pentecost; Cathy Bland; 

Pam Watson; Amy Garber. 

132-OAK LEAVES 1976 



1st Row: Mendu Sun Godfrey; Tricia Murphy, President; Dell Pritchard; Dr. Ledford, Dr. Peacock, 
Advisors. 2nd Row: Linda Green; Teresa Kiger; Lynn MacCubbin; Cathy Cross; Alice Wilson; Linda 
Haskill. 3rd Row: Sherry Olson; Annette Howell; Judy Helsabek; Karen Keesling; Laura West; Ibby 
Patrick; Beverly Finger; Donna Albritton; Beth Veasey; Kimberly Hicks; Debbie Dunlap. 


1st Row: Sue Craig; Amelia Bryant; Jane Harris; B.J. Glass, President; Dana Edwards; Rhonda Suggs. 
2nd Row: Delera Williams; Sherry Long; Andrea Moore; Debbie Talbert; Margaret Taylor; Jan 
Stewart; Gail Andersen; Sally Brewer. 3rd Row: Danita Wood; Ellen Rumley; Denise Brown; Cindy 
Thruman; Nancy Boyette; Gail Yates; Susan Merrett; Janet Maxwell; Belinda Patterson; Peggy Beale; 
Jennie Lynch; Dawn Jenkins; Kitty Taylor; Rebecca Murph. 

OAK LEAVES 1976-133 


134-OAK LEAVES 1976 

How does Meredith College spell 

S-P-0-R-T-S, except for the 

Even though Meredith doesn't get 
a bid to the bowl games, the athlet- 
ically minded Meredith student has 
ample opportunity to participate in 
almost any sport, that is, except 
football. (However, touch football is 
occasionally played in the court- 
yard.) Athletic teams at Meredith 
are many and varied, from basket- 
ball and tennis to volleyball and 

Of course, the weeknight tennis 
player, two-mile jogger, and daily 
cycler are not to be forgotten, either. 
Today, physical fitness is rapidly 
coming to be of interest to all. The 
Meredith campus provides excellent 
facilities for all sporting endeavors. 

So, 10 S N E 1? 


1st Row; Celia Brown; Bethany Langdon, Co-captain: Faye Hollowell; Kathy Owen; Tricia Averette; Pam 
Dail. 2nd Row; Miss Farrell, Coach; Cherry Groom; Martha Ferebee, Co-captain; Denise Ingram; Debbie 

Conner; Kay Pollock; Lynn Ann Peri<ins; Mary Jane Ludt. 

136-OAK LEAVES 1976 


1st Ruw: Miss Crigler, Coach; Diana Swan; Beth Welfare. 2nd Row: Annette Michelli; Patti 
Westmoreland; Debbie Edwards. 


1st Row: Nancy Schult; Martha Ferebee; Jennifer Hall; Jinny Carlton; Laurie 
Rodberg. 2nd Row: Mr. Chrest, Coach; Beth Carlton; Susie Cecil; Cindy Dickie; 
Ami Dickson; Cindy Whiteneck; Carol Webb. 

OAK LEAVES 1976-137 


Row 1: Susan Koonce; Pam Cook; Kathy Stines: Mrs. Massey, Coach; Dr. Huber, Coach; Julia Breedlove; 
Linda Ix. Row 2; Debby Bryant; Pam Robertson; Sandy Rowinski; Betty Parker; Lynn Whitley; Diana Swan; 
Hazel Browning; Leigh Welborn. 


138-OAK LEAVES 1976 


1st Row: Deborah Roebuck; Susan Daniel, Captain; Missy Dunn. 2nd Row: 
Layne Baker; Alice Simmons; Mary Jane Ludt. 3rd Row; Karen Patseavouras; 
Kay Pollock; Sandy Godwin; Mary Margaret Steele. 

OAK LEAVES 1976-139 


140-OAK LEAVES 1976 

"Appearances have truly changed, 
but underneath* there is no change." 
This was Dr. Mary Lynch Johnson's 
reply when she was asked her opinion 
of young women today. And so, stu- 
dent life at Meredith today, though 
somewhat different from that of fifty 
years ago, is essentially the same. Rus- 
sian tea and the age-old game of bridge 
have given way to coffee, cigarettes, 
and a fastmoving game of spades. Sun- 
day afternoon strollers are replaced by 
enthusiastic joggers. The term "panty 
raid" melts into the past as a new gen- 
eration graduates without having expe- 
rienced a "raid." 

Yet still now, as then, friends cry on 
each other's shoulders, snowmen mys- 
teriously appear from a mere inch of 
snow, and the holiday spirit flows as 
Christmas break draws near. Love, 
laughter, and friendship are an ever- 
lasting part of Meredith. 

OAK LEAVES 1976-141 





OAK LEAVES 1976-143 


■^ . St^ 'it'*> Ww 




144-OAK LEAVES 1976 

OAK LEAVES 1976-145 






' jIJI^ 

146-OAK LEAVES 1976 


n \ 


R% I^^^^^^I^B 


m V^H^^^^I 

■t \ 

h|^R n 

I ■ wM 


^ i 1 


148-OAK LEAVES 1976 

Spirit of 76 

The Spirit of '76 was in the air as the 
Senior Class won Cornhuskin' for this 
year. Seniors placed first in Participa- 
tion, Cornhuskin', Hogcalling, Tall 
Tale, and song, while the Juniors won 
Parade and Apple Bobbing. 

Cornhuskin' chairmen for the Se- 
niors were Janet Tysinger, Mary Do- 
well Taylor, and Lou Ann Flynt. The 
graduating class of 1976 followed a bi- 
centennial theme while the Soph- 
omores complained of shortages. Ju- 
niors focused their theme on playing 
cards while their little sister class, the 
Freshmen, explored the world of car- 
toon characters. Faculty members por- 
trayed storybook characters from 
Little Boy Blue to Little Red Riding 
Hood. The faculty Tall Tale was 
presented in shorts and suspenders by 
Dr. Huber of the Psychology Depart- 
ment. Traditional festivities followed 
with apples for refreshments, a concert 
by the Bath Tub Ring, and Stuart sing- 
ing "How Great Thou Art." 

OAK LEAVES 1976-149 

Fall Play/Country Carnival 

Meredith College Says"Yes" 
to No No Nanette 

"Lights", "music", "action" and No 
No Nanette turned on Jones Audito- 
rium to one of the most vivacious pro- 
ductions that Meredith's "little Broad- 
way" has ever produced. Talent busted 
the seams of this quaint period musical 
as the dancers tapped their way to 
glory and the musical hits sounded 
their way to the stars. It is reported 
that "Tea for Two" is still being hum- 
med in the stair wells, and if one 
closely watches the feet in the cafeteria 
line, a little soft shoe steppin' more 
than often breaks the montony. 



OAK LEAVES 1976-151 

Volunteer Program 

Right: Mr. Somner, Co-ordinator of Volunteer Services 
Sue Vchorn, Student Assistant 

152-OAK LEAVES 1976 

Below: Project Chairmen. 

^ -^^1 


Volunteer Programs Serve Raleigh 

As a Christian institution in an influential city, 
Meredith College has a responsibility to serve her 
Community through various service projects. The 
Meredith Christian Association sponsors five such 
projects which are typical of the many efforts of the 
entire college. At both the Governor Morehead 
School and Dorothea Dix Hospital, students share 
time with the patients in such recreational activities 
as parties and dances. Project HOPE (Help Over- 
come Prison Environment) has expanded this year 
as students from both Meredith and State combined 
efforts, sponsoring enjoyable programs for those in 
the Women's Correctional C?nter. At both the Cath- 
olic and the Methodist Homes, students work on a 
one-to-one basis with the children in a tutorial ca- 
pacity. These relationships soon develop into real 
friendships as the children begin to look to our girls 
as big sisters. Certainly such programs provide a 
valuable ministry to our city. 

OAK LEAVES 1976-153 

Who's Who 

Rebecca Askew 

Cathy Bland 

Louise Crouch 

Sharon Ellis 

154-OAK LEAVES 1976 


Janet Fish 

Amy Garber 

Marilyn Gitzinger 


Linda Green 

Tina King 

Lou Mickey 

OAK LEAVES 1976-155 

Who's Who 

Trudy Miles 

Nancy Pentecost 

Cris Pritchard 

sin-aron Roberts 

Nancy Strickland 

Fran Stroud 

156-OAK LEAVES 1976 

Jenny Thigpen 

Missy Upchurch 

Patsy Vehorn 

Allyn Vogel 

Pam Watson 

Sharon Wilson 

OAK LEAVES 1976-157 


158-OAK LEAVES 1976 


tl t 

>i[ ^'■^. 

♦ ♦f- ••♦ 


i^^Lfi '^«: ioC^^B&i^^^^^^^^^H 

1 ■■ ^''te.:.,xx.*>^ i 







"^^^ i,.i 

OAK LEAVES 1976-159 


160-OAK LEAVES 1976 


OAK LEAVES 1976-161 


162-OAK LEAVES 1976 

OAK LEAVES 1976-163 


Recession and Inflation Unstoppable 

Stunt '76 was a comeback for an old tradition. The 
Freshmen began the activities with a takeoff on "Sham- 
poo." Sparked with wit and the usual almost professional 
acting abilities of Mt;redith students, "Shampoo" seemed 
unbeatable. The Juniors followed with "Christopher Co- 
lombo", a takeoff on the discovery of America. "O-e-o," 
the chant of the sailors and Kate Smith singing "Hello Co- 
lombo" merited for the Juniors second place. The Seniors 
presented a thoughtful skit on life in a bean factory. "Re- 
cession" and "Inflation", noted for their singing abilities, 
were finally defeated by the hero, "Recovery." The Soph- 
omores followed with a skit concerning Sophomores 
missing from class due to their attachment to the sun- 
decks, better known as breezways, on warm Spring days. 
A take off on "Jaws" finally sent these delinquents back 
to class. 

All the stunts having been completed, the judges were 
faced with a tough decision. They came to a consensus: 
Seniors first and Juniors second. Stunt '76 was indeed a 

r^ 1 1 

164-OAK LEAVES 1976 


r ^py 


-Hr^^ *^ ^1 



OAK LEAVES 1976-165 

Outstanding Seniors 

Bethany Langdon 
Kay Martin 

CaIu\\ l.rr 

Deborah Roebuck 

166-OAK LEAVES 1976 


Janet Tysinger 
Sally Ziegler 


Doris T.iylor 

Lynn Wellons 

Picture Missing: Carol Grant 

OAK LEAVES 1976-167 

Alice in Wonderland 


Ki. 1 

168-OAK LEAVE 1976 

Abundant Absurdity Appears in Alice 

The audience stops its chatter. The lights dim, and finally the curtain 
parts. Here begins the newest production yet of the classic, Alice in Won- 
derland. The Meredith faculty and administration brings to life once more 
the adventures of sweet Alice in her land of wonder. And wonder you do 
after seeing this performance. The most professional professors take advan- 
tage of this opportunity to fulfill their ambitions of song, dance, drama and 
comedy. What a refreshing change of pace! It is a mind— boggling experi- 
ence for actor and audience alike as the characters travel through a never- 
never-land that one could never, never purely understand. 

OAK LEAVE 1976-169 

Spring Play 

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie 

Meredith is rapidly establishing a name for 
herself in the field of drama. Indeed the ex- 
cellence of this year's spring play, The Prime 
of Miss jean Brodie has been widely acclaimed 
by faculty and students alike. 

During the weeks before the performance, 
cast members, crew members, and directors 
were found faithfully gathered in Jones Audi- 
torium for nightly rehearsals lasting approxi- 
mately five hours each. Their work finally paid 
off in a successful three night run which drew 
spectators from all over Raleigh. 

Cathy Bland was sensational in her role as 
Miss Brodie. The director, Nancy Truesdale, 
and her student counterpart, Andra Knott, also 
contributed countless hours of patience and 
hard work. Surely, the remark of a Meredith 
professor— we can learn alot about education 
from this play-is a true one. 

170-OAK LEAVES 1976 


OAK LEAVES 1976-171 

Play Day 

172-OAK LEAVES 1976 


OAK LEAVES 1976-173 

Parents' Weekend 

174-OAK LEAVES 1976 

Wf 1 

Parents' Weekend Held In April 

Dr. Norma Rose, professor and chairman of 
the English department, and Dr. Lyn G. 
Aubrecht, assistant professor of psychology, 
were named Outstanding Christian Teachers . 
Meredith during the Parents' Weekend obser- 
vance held on the campus in early April. Exhi- 
bitions in equitation, gymnastics, synchronized 
swimming and dance were other highlights of 
the weekend. In addition, the Martin Equita- 
tion Arena was dedicated. 

OAK LEAVES 1976-175 

Class Day 

176-OAK LEAVES 1976 

OAK LEAVES 1976-177 


178-OAK LEAVES 1976 

*- <«! 

Graduation: A Bittersweet Time 

The Senior class of Meredith College held their 
graduation exercises in Dorton Arena on Sunday. 
May 16, 1976. The occasion was marked by a col- 
lection of mixed feelings. 

Graduating from college is a traumatic experi- 
ence. It means adopting an entirely new lifestyle. 
We must leave the place which has been our 
home for four years. We must also leave friends 
we love, know'ing that even though we may keep 
in touch, the relationship will never again be the 
same. For many there is the anxiety of "Where do 
I go from here?" 

Along with the feelings of sadness and anxiety, 
however, are feelings of pride and a sense of ac- 
complishment. At long last we have reached our 
goal. There is also a new feeling of freedom and 
independence. Now we are really on our own, 
equipped with the Spirit of '76 to show the world 
what we can do! 

OAK LEAVES 1976-179 


Abies, Nancy 94 

Adams. Denise 82, 121 

Adams. Lauren 94 

Aiken. Ann 40. 112, 129 

Albright, Meredith 94 

Albritton. Deborah 40 

Albritton, Donna 82. 133 

Alcoke. Joy 72 

Alcoke. Kim 94 

Aldridge. Janet 82 

Alexander, Patty 118 

Alga, Mary Ann 82 

Allen, Cecilia 72 

Allen, Cindy 82, 113 

Allen, Kay 82 

Allen, Vickie 94 

Allgood, Linda 82, 113 

Allsbrook, Mary Kay 72. 112, 11 

131, 161 
Amon, Gail 40, 131 
Amos, Julie 82 
Anderson, Gail 72. 133 
Anderson. Paige 40 
Anderson. Saribeth 82, 117 

Armstrong. Becky 72 
Arnold. Anne 94 

Askew, Rebecca 6, 40, 93, 107. 
108. 110, 111, 131. 132. 154 

Atkinson. Viki 82. 131 

Attia. Helen 82 

Austin, lane 94 

Averett. Patricia 94. 13(j 

Badgett. Suzanne 40 

Baecher. Mary 94 

Bailey. Elizabeth 82 

Bailey. Lisa 82 

Baker, Laurie 94 

Baker, Lane 72, 129, 159 

Baker, Sherry 81, 82, 113, 128 

Baker, Venetta 72. 122 

Baldwin, Elizabeth 82 

Ball, Jackie 72 

Banks. Ceebee 72. 118. 121 

Barker. Debra 82 

Barker, Lisa 94 

Barnes. Anna 82 

Barnes. Beth 94, 97 

Barnes. Julia 82 

Barnes. Rebecca 72 

Barnes. T. Jane 40. 132 

Barnette. Marjorie 40 

Barrett. Mary 94 

Barrett. Phyllis 40 

Barth. Carolyn 94 

Berton. Jenny 72 

Bass, Deborah 94 

Bass, Debra 82 

Batchelor. Lorraine 41 

Bates. Mary 82 

Batten. Janet 123 

Baughan, Anne 82 

Baum. Leslie 36. 94 

Beacham. Helen 72 

Beale. Katheirne 94 

Beale. Peggy 72. 123. 133 

Beam. Mary 94 

Beattie. Florence 82 

Beddard. Angelia 94 

Beeson. Susan 82 

Begor. Sheree 72. 122. 127 

Bell, Ann 82. 113 

Bell, Teresa 83 

Bennett, Rebecca 72 

Benson, Diane 72 

Bernhart, Beth 94 

Biddix, Lisa 94 

Bissette, Nancy 72 

Bizzell, Cynthia 94 

Black, Libba 83 

Blackley, Denise 83 

Blackman. Susan 72 

Blair, Betsy 72 

Blake, Kell'ey 83 

Blalock, Marsha 41 

Bland, Dondra 41, 118 

Bland. Cath^- 41. 110. 112, 129, 

131, 132, 154. 161 
Blankenship. Catherine 83 
Blanks. Harriet 83 
Bledsoe. Marilyn 41, 122 
Blevins, Rita 94 
Blount, Reya 41, 120 
Blue. Sally 72. 128. 131 
Booker. Dorothy 72 
Boone. Laura 41 
Boone. Leigh 83 
Boone. Marion 72 
Bordeaux. Agnes 94 
Bowen. Ann 41. 118. 132. 160 
Bowen. Mary 94 
Bovvers. Rosalie 94 
Bowles. Jo Anne 72, 122 
Boyes, Leslie 94 
Boyette. Nancy 3, 72, 127, 133 
Bracket!, Debra 83 
Bradner, Joyce 94 
Brakebill, Laura 94 
Branch, Cindy 94 
Branham, Georgeanne 83 
Braswell, Phyllis 72 
Bray. Barbara 83 
Bray. Jeanne 72. 124 

Breedlove. Julia 83 

Brewbaker, Nancy 72 

Brewer, Sharon 83 

Bridgers, Beth 41 

Bridges, Kathryn 83 

Brinson, Ellen 94 

Brinson, Melanie 94 

Britt, Karen 42. 129. 154 

Brock. Anne 83 

Brooks. Deborah 83 

Brooks. Susan 83 

Brooks. Terry 42. 124. 125. 126 

Brown. Celia 83. 136 

Brown. Denise 16. 42. 111. 133 

Brown. Lee 94 

Brown. Karalee 83. 113. 122 

Brown. Melanie 83 

Browning. Hazel 72, 112. 122. 

127. 132 
Brugnolotti. Patricia 72 

Bryan, Amelia 72, 133 

Bryan, Denise 94 

Bryant, Debra 83 

Bryant, Helen 94 

Bryant, Teresa 122 

Buie, Evelyn 72 

Bullard, Susie 94 

Bunn, Jackie 72 

Burbank, Carole 118 

Burke. Janet 109. 143 

Burkett. Jayne 95 

Burnett, Beth 42, 129 

Burnett. Phyllis 72 

Burns. Jo 95 

Burrows. Louise 42 

Busby. Kathy 42 

Butler. Cynthia 42. 129 

Butler. Ruth 80. 81. 83 

Byrd. Denise 36. 95 

Byrd. Beth 95 

Byrnes. Barbara 83 

Byrum. Virginia 95 

Callis. Martha 95 

Cameron. Wanda 42 

Camp. Rosemary 95 

Carlton. Elizabeth 83. 137 

Carlton. Jenny 72. 137 

Carpenter, Sue 72, 109 

Carr, Ann 83 

Carraway, Melissa 95 

Carroll, Cheryl 83 

Carter, Margaret 83 

Cashwell, Diane 95 

Casper, Susan 83 

Cate. Frances 42 

Gates. Carol 95 

Caudle. Kimberly 95 
Cecil. Susan 95. 137 
Ghadwick, Anita 43 
Ghadwick. Pricilla 122 
Chalmers. Lucinda 95 
Chamblee. Karen 95 
Chappell. Eleanor 83. 123 
Cherry. Janet 95 
Childs, Rebecca 43. 131 
Christian. Kathy 72. 112 
Clapp. Carol 73. 132 
Clark. Jan 95 
Clark. Linda 73 
Clark. Marcia 73. 132 
Claybrook. Martha 73. 118. 132 
Clayton. Nancy 43 
Clements, Connie 95 
Clifton, Mary 95 

Glodfelter, Susan 83 

Goates, Debra 119 

Coates, Elaine 83 

Cobb, Beth 80, 83, 113, 160 

Coble, Lee 73 

Cocker, Lou 83 

Cole, Anne 43, 129 

Cole, Kathryn 96 

Collier. Hope 73 

Collins, Omega 73 

Comer, Anna 96 

Compton, Carrie 96 

Compton, Kathy 84 

Compton, Sally 43 

Conner, Debbie 96, 127. 136 

Cook. Kathryn 84 

Cook. Pam 73 

Cope. Donna 96 

Cope. Janet 44. 127, 132 

Gopeland. Becky 84 

Gornblatt. Lorri 84 

Cornell. Sheryl 44 

Gotey, Sara 73, 116. 124 

Couch. Janice 84 

Coulter. Kathy 84 

Council. Jamie 84. 119 

Cover. Julia Meade 84. 112 

Cox. Cathy 96 

Cox. Myrla 84. 110. 113 

Grabtree, Sue 73, 132 

Craig. Susan 44. 133 

Gralle. Sarah Ruth 73. 116. 121, 

Crane. Gayla 84. 120 

Creamer. Karen 44. 118. 127 

Creech. Cynthia 44 

Creech. Diane 44. 118. 125. 132. 


Creech. Mary 84, 119. 124 

Creech. Susie 45 

Crews. Meredith 84 

Cridhn. Elizabeth 96 

Croom. Cherry 73. 136 

Cross. Kathy &4. 133 

Crouch. Louise 45. 111. 118. 125. 

129. 130. 132, 154. 161 
Crouch. Tricia 82. 84. 110. 126 
Crowell. Patricia 45 
Culpepper. Lynn 73 
Cumbie. Pam 96 
Cunningham. Caryll 84 
Cuttle. Frances 84. 113, 123 
Dabney. Pam 73. 126 
Dail. Pam 96, 136 
Dale, Kim 73, 131 
Daniel, Claudia 96 
Daniel, Hilda 96 
Daniel, Susan 73 
Darnell, Kay 84 
Daskal, Maryann 96 
Daughtridge, Shawn 84 
Davenport, Paula 73 
Davis, Kathy 96, 124 
Davis, Lucy 3. 45, 117, 124, 176 
Davis, Margaret 45 
Davis, Lisa 96 
Davis. Louise 73 
Deal. Suzanne 45. 66, 118, 132 
Dean, Donna 96 
Dean, April 98, 111 
Dean, Susan 45, 68 
Dedmon, Jan 96 
Dees, Genie 45, 124 
Dell, Shiela 96 
Denny, Joy 74, 123 
Denson, Lisa 84, 113 
Deshazo, Elizabeth 84 
Dew. Sara 84 

Dickie. Cindy 74. Ill, 122, 137 
Dickson, Amy 84, 137 
Dicus, Dixie 96 
Digh, Nancy 74 
Dillard, Cynthia 96 
Divoky. Heather 96. 117 
Dixon. Laura 84 
Dodgen. Patricia 85 
Dorman. Julia 84. 113 
Doss. Debbie 111. 124. 164 
Douglas. Donna 85 
Drew. Melanie 96 
Duke. Anne 85. 116 
Duncan, Patti 85, 112. 113 
Duncan. Teresa 96 
Dunlap. Debbie 74. 117. 133, 153 

Dunn, Missy 45, 122, 127, 165 
Dunn, Pandora 96 
Dupree. Ruth 74 
Edge, Ann 74, 124, 130 
Edmiston, Carol 96 
Edwards, Beth 46, 62, 125, 132 
Edwards, Cynthia 85 
Edwards, Dana 46, 117, 133 
Edwards, Deborah 70, 74, 137 
Edwards, Maria 85, 120 
Edwards, Ruth 85. 119. 130 
Edwards. Nancy 74. 118. 132 
Edwards. Tricia 85 
Edwards, Robin 96 
Edwards. Teressa 96 
Edwards, Vickie 96 
Erlich. Frances 46, 124, 127. 146. 

Elliott, Deborah 85 
Elliott, Jean 74 
Elliott, Nancy 48, 118, 130 
Ellis, Mary 85 
Ellis, Patty 80, 85, 130 
Ellis, Sharon 115, 125, 131, 135, 

Ellis, Wilma 10, 46, 117, 127, 165. 

Elmore, Claire 85 
Emerson, Christy 74 
Ervin. Penn 85, 126 
Estes, Patti 46, 134, 154 
Evans. Joan 85 

Evans. Linda 46. 118. 121. 132 
Evans. Margaret 96 
Everhart. Kim 96 
Everhart. Lisa 96 
Falkenberry. Elaine 46 
Farley. Anne 96. 111. 120 
Farley. Carolyn 85 
Farley. Margaret 96 
Farlow. Kim 96 
Farmer. Valerie 96 
Faulk. Susan 118 
Faw, Diane 96 
Felton, Ila 85 
Felton, Burke 120 
Ferebee. Martha 74. 127. 136, 137 
Ferebee, Mary 97 
Ferguson, Deborah 46, 117, 130, 

Ferguson, Elizabeth 97 
Ferguson, Nadean 85 
Ferrell, Leigh 97 
Finch. Deborah 74 
Finger. Beverly 85. 133 
Finger, Carmel 74 


Fish. Janet 47. 155 

Fishel. Patricia 74, 113, 122 

Fishel Susan 85 

Fitch, Carol 85, 110, 113 

Fleetwood. Mazie 47 

Fleming. Catherine 97 

Flippin, Lou 85 

Floyd, Constance 97 

Flynt, Lou Ann 47 

Foltz, Susan 16, 47, 122, 127, 

Fonville. Anne 74, 114 

Forester, Elizabeth 97 

Fowler. Frankie 85 

Franklin, Phyllis 74 

Frazier, Kathy 70 

French, Susan 97 

Frye, Chariot 74 

Funderburke. Jo Anne 75 

Furr. Claudia 97 

Galyon. Susan 85 

Garber, Amv 47, 110. ill. : 
147. 155 

Garner. Diane 119 

Garner. Pam 85 

Garrett. Nancy 85 

Garver, Debra 47. 129 

Gaskill. Mary 85 
Gaskins. Denise 75. 121. 12 
Gaskins. Suzanne 75 
Gaston, Deborah 47 
Gates, Jane 75, 127 
Gay. Ginger 85. 113 
George, Doris 75 
Gerace, Karen 75 
Gibson, Karen 97 
Gibson, Laurie 97 
Giese, Libby 47, 114, 125 
Gilbert, Jane 38, 47, 118 
Gilbert, Mary 85, 111, 120 
Gillespie, Sasalyn 75 
Gitzinger, Marilyn 155 
Glascock, Christine 75. 110. 
Glascock, Elizabeth 97 
Glass, B.J. 48, 133 
Glover, Barbara 75 
Glover, Evelyn 48 
Godfrey, Menda Sue 16, 112 

130, 132, 133, 153 
Godwin, Debra 75, 122 
Godwin. Sandra 97 
Going. Kathy 85 
Gordon. Becky 85 
Gouldin, Susan 85 
Graham, Elizabeth 75 
Graham, Lou 97 
Graham, Katrina 97 

Graham, Sandra 97 

Graves, Elizabeth 86, 113, 119. 
127. 132 

Gray. Ami 97 

Gray. Gale 97 

Gray, Melissa 97 

Green, Linda 36,48, 116, 129. 132. 
133. 155 

Green. Lynn 48 

Greer. Jan 81. 86. 113. 128 

Gregory. Annette 86 

Griffin. Cathy 86 

Griffin. Jeanette 48 

Griffin, Myra 97. 123 

Griffin. Nora 97 

Griggs, Ruth 86 

Grogan. Susan 10. 49, 117. 165. 

Groover. Gail 86 

Gullion. Rebecca 97 

Gurganious, Peggy 97 

Hale, Geneva 75 

Haley, Julia 75, 111 

Haley. Mary Lou 86. 119 

Hall, Elizabeth 75, 112, 119, 132 

Hall, Jennifer 137 

Hall, Molly 97 

Hall, Pam 75 

Hall, Sarah 86 

Hall, Stella 97 

Hammond, Jennifer 98 
Hampton, Karen 49, 132 
Hankins, Dot 75, 128 
Hansil, Meg 76 
Harbinson, Sandra 98 
Hardin, Brenda 49, 124 
Hardin, Sharon 86 
Hardy, Linda 86 
Hardy, Mary 86 
Harlas, Liisa 98 
Harlow, Ginger 98 
Harper. Sharon 86 
Harrell. Susan 98 
Harris, Ann 49, 128. 129, 148 
Harris, Caroline 98 
Harris, Carolyn 98 
Harris, Cathy 75, 123 
Harris, Jane 75, 133 
Harris, Myra 75 
Harris, Rhonda 75 
Harrison, Beth 86 
Harrison, Karen 86 
Harrison, Susan 75, 86 
Hart. Janet 75 
Hart. Caroline 75. 118 
Hart, Rebecca 86 

OAK LEAVES 1976-181 


Hiirtspll. Beverly 98 

Haskell. Linda 75. 117. 133 

Hayes. Holly 7,5 

Hayes. Lois 98 

Hedspelh. Carol 86 

Helsabeck. Judy 75. 133 

Hemingway. Jackie 49 

Henderson, W.jnda 98. 126 

Henning. Sue 49 

Hepler, Holly 98 

Herndon, Pam 86 

He,ss. Meg 86. 107. 112, 113. 121 

Hester. Rita 87. 113 

Hewlett. Kim 87. 131 

Hickman. Cindy 87, 120 

Hicks, Elizabeth 49 

Hicks. Kim 75. 133 

Higgins. Helen 98 

High. Charlene49. 112. 128 

High, Kathy 98 

Hill, Donna 119 

Hill, Karen 75 

Hill, Kathy 98 

Hill, Susan 49, 119, 127 

Hines, Nancy 75, 122 

Hinson, Laura 87 

Hobbs. Sheila 50 

Hoffman, Belty 75 

Hogan, Tricia 87 

Holcomb, Rene 98 

Holder, Sharon 87, 131 

Holland, Charlene 87, 119, 132 

HoUeman, Kristy 98 

HoUins, Kathy 50 

Hollinshed, Martha 98, 115 

HoUowell, Fayp 87. 136 

Hollowell, lanet 50 

Holt, Bobbie 87 

Honeycutt, Loretta ,50, 129 

Hooks, Sue 50 

Hooper, Dorothy 98 

Hooper, jane 87 

Hornaday, |anet 75, 122 

Horner, Peggy 99. 131 

Horton, Cynthia 75, 87 

Horton, Betsy 50, 147 

Horton, Sheila 87 

Hoskins. Katherine 75, 122 

Houston, Robin 16, 39. 50. 129 

Howard, Lynn 50 

Howell, Annette 87, 113, 123. 13: 

Hudson. |o\ ,50 

Hudson. Lynn 75. 87. 132 

Huff. Michele 99 

Huneycutt, Linda 51. 120 

Husbands. Lori 75. 153 


Hu.ssey. |ny 51. llf 
Hutchins. Peggv 75 
Hyman. Alice 87 

dol. Cassandr.i 97 

ngram. Denise 99, 

\, Linda 99 

ackson. Laura 76, 

ackson, Mary 51 

ames, Elizabeth 7( 

ames, Nancy 51 

ames, Wendy 87 

arrell, Phyllis 2, 5 

I'nkins, Donn.i 76 

rnkins. K,iv 52. 76 

enkms. Lmda 52, 129 

uhnson, Diane 52, 129 

ohnson, Kim 99 

ohnson, Becky 87, 124 

ohnson, Sallie 52, 122. 125 

ohn-ston, Elizabeth 87 

ones, Carole 99 

ones. Denise 99 

ones. Gail 76 

ones. Harrii'tl 7fi 

ones, )uli,i 7li 

ones, Lynn 99 

ones. Mary 99 

ones. Sharon 99 

ones, Tonya 87, 120 

ordan, Kim 76, 120 

ordan, Susan 52, 129 

ordan. Suzanne 99 

oyce. Betty 99 

oyner, Lou 99 
Kane, Carol Lynn 87 
Kastretsios, Helen 117 
Kattes, Susan 119 
Keasler, Vivian 124 
Keesling, Karen 87, 123. 133 
Keith, Kathy 99 
Kellam, Su.san 99 
Kelly. Bonnie 87 
Kelly. Carol 87 
Kennedy. Jamie 99 
Kenyon. Jamie 76. 128 
Kerr. Cynthia 87 
Kicklighter. Julie 87. 112. 119. 132 
Kiger. Teresa 36. 76. 133 
Kimball. Betty 76 
Kimball, Ginger 52, 122, 127, 129, 

132, 166 
King, Tina 155 
Kingery. Pam 87 
Kirk. Lee Ann 52. 129 
Kitts, Susan 99 
Kiziah. Vickie 52 

Knobeloch. Katherine 99 

Koob, Cheryl 76 

Koonce, Janet ,52. 120 

Koone, Susan 99 

Lacy, Ter(!sa 76 

Lafoon. Lisa 87, 124 

Lancaster, Carol 99 

Land, Peggy 53, 111, 122 

Lane, Mary 87. 124 

Lane. Susan 53 

Langdon. Bethany 53, 136. 166 

Langston, Elizabeth 99 

Latham. Kimberh 99 

Laughhn, Julie 99 

Lawrence. J.ickii' 87, 11,). 124 

Lawrence. Molly 99 

Lawrence. Sally 87 

Lawrence. Susan 53 

Lawrence. Susan 76 

Leavel, Beth 70. 73, 76, 112, 131 

Ledbetter, Gail 76, 128, 131 

Lee, Betsy 80, 87, 120 

Lee, Cindy 38. 53, 110. 166. 177 

Leigh. Deborah 99 

Leitch. Mary Ann 53 

Leonard, Jana 99 

Lewis, Kathy 54, 128 

Lewis, Linda 87 

Lewis, Carol 76 

Lifsey, Kaye 76 

Lindsay, Laura 99 

Lister, 'Bi>th 54, 68 

Lockwood, Debbie 87 

Logan. Charlyn 76 

Lolley. Charlotte 99 

Lomax. Ann 99 

Lomax. Sally 76 

Long. Jane 99. 124 

Long. Marianna 87 

Long, Sandra 99 

Long. Sherry 54. 57. 122. 127. 133 

Lovetle. Teresa 99 

Lowdermilk. June 54 

Loy. Carolyn 54 

LudI, Mary Jane 76, 127, 136 

Lutz, Laurie 99 

Lynch, Jennie 76. 133 

Lynch. Rebecca 87. 1 19 

Lylch. Sally 99 

Maccubbin. Lynn 86, 88, 133 

Macy, Joan 55 

Madden, Melea 88 

Mangum, Karen 99 

Manning, Joy 99 

Martin, Julie 55 

Martin, Kav 55, 112, 166 

Martin. Marlene 100 
Martin. Nancy 76. 110 
Mashburn. Karen 88 
Massey. Vickie 76 
Matthews. Carol 100 
Matthews. Linda 55 
Matthews. Nora 88 
Matlox, Suzanne 100, 131 
Maxwell, Janet 76. 133 
Maxwell. Pam 100 
May berry. Robin 100. 112 
Mayberry. Sandra 76 
Maynaril. Laura 88 
McClanahan, Sharon 124 
McCollum, Melinda 100 
McDuffie, Jill 54 
McGee, Bonnie 100, 120 
McGee, Deborah 88 
McGuffin, Jonne 76, 124 
McKinley, Marsha 54 
McLamb, Cindy 88 
McLamb, Donna 54, 118. 127. 132. 

McLamb. Lou 100 
McLaney. Milley 76. 130. 161. 

164. 176 
McNair. Julie 88 
McNeer. Dorothy 88. 113. 119. 

McRainey. Jeanette 76 
McRoy. Leigh 54. 119. 127. 129. 

Meadows. Teri 76. 112. 118. 121 
Mendenhall. Amy 81. 88. 130 
Merrell. Melinda 100 
Merritt, Susan 55, 133 
Mesic, Jane 88 
Michael, Carol 100 
Michael, Janet 53, 55, 118, 121, 

148, 156 
Michael. Sue 88. 111. 113 
Michelli. Annette 88, 137 
Mickey, Lou 55, 117 
Middleton, Freda 76, 127 
Midyetle, Kathryn 55 
Miles, Trudy 55, 118, 121, 148. 156 
Milner. Patricia 100 
Mills. Jackie 88, 122 
Mims. 11a 100 
Mincey, Mary 100 
Minick, Becky 88 
Minnis. Linda 56 
Mitchell, June 88 
Mitchell, Kathy 88 
Mitchell. Mandy 100 
Mohorn. Donna 100 

182-OAK LEAVES 1976 

Montgomery, )oyce 85, 88, 122 

Moody, Virginia 100 

Moore. Andrea 13, 56, 68, 133 

Moore. Debra 100 

Moore, Susan 88, 113. 115 

Morgna, Eleanor 100 

Morgan, Kaye 56 

Morgan, Martha 76, 124 

Morgan. Mary 76 

Morgan. Mary Kathryn 88, 113, 

118, 132 
Morgan, Mary Kathryn 56 
Morrisey. Beth 56 
Morrison, Wendy 88, 119, 127 
Morse, Nancy 76 
Morton, Carolyn 101, 124 
Moss, Ehzabeth 101 
Mozingo, Sheri 101 
Mullen. Janet 88 
Munt, Elizabeth 76. 123 
Murph. Rebecca 88, 113, 133 
Murphy, Patricia 56. 133 
Murray, Janet 101 
Nanney. Elizabeth 77 
Nash, Nancy 56 
Nave. Najla 101 
Neal. Glenda 77. 122. 124 
Needham. Pattie 118 
Neel. Sara 88 
Nestor, Phoebe 88, 127 
Nethery, Joyce 132 
Neville, Elizabeth 57. 129 
Newman, Ann 101 
Newton. Nancy 101, 124 
Nipper. Julia 88 
Niswonger. Debbie 77, 124. 126 
Nixon. Sharon 101 
Noffsinger. Lynda 77, 131 
Norman, Donna 101 
Norris. Deborah 101 
Norris. Mona 101 
Norton. Virginia 7, 77, 107, 109, 

110. Ill 
Norvell. Jennifer 101 
Odell. Maggie 77. 115, 123, 124 
Odom, Amy 77 
Odom, Lisa 101 
Olson, Sherry 88, 133 
Oneal, Linda 77, 109 
Oneill, Deborah 57 
Osmer. Janet 77 
Ossman. Eleanor 101 
Overman, Katherine 101 
Owen. Jackie 57, 125 
Owen, Kathy 136 
Oxford. Sandy 77 

Paget. Judy 88 

Painter, Marcia 57 

Pardue, Ruth 101 

Parker. Anne 101 

Parker. Betty 88 

Parker. Elizabeth 57 

Parker, Helen 57, 176 

Parker, Margaret Ann 57 

Parker, Reva Dale 57 

Parks, Dana 88 

Parrish, Ann 88 

Parrott. Michelle 101 

Patrick. Ibby 88, 113, 133 

Patrick, Mary 58 

Patrick, Virginia 77, 120, 130 

Patseavouras. Karen 101 

Patterson. Belinda 77. 123, 133 

Paul, Mary 101 

Pearsall, Beth 101 

Peele, Deborah 101 

Pell, Peggy 58 

Pendergraft, Joyce 77 

Pennell, Carol 77, 121 

Pennington, Carolyn 77. 146, 153 

Pentecost, Nancy 58, 126, 129, 

132, 156 
Perkins, Petie 101 
Perkins, Lynn 88, 113. 136 
Perrot. Marcella 88. 132 
Perry, Marcheta 58 
Perry, Vikki 101 
Petty, Laura 101 

Phelan. Gail 58, 120 

Phillips. Candice 101 

Phillips, Chris 101 

Phillips. Deborah 88 

Pickett, Cathy 77. 93, 112 

Pierce. Carol 101 

Pierce, Margaret 58 

Pittman, Katherine 101 

Plakakis, Debra 101 

Plauche, Elaine 88 

Plonk, Laura 77 

Plummer, Pam 58, 125 

Pollock, Karen 101, 136 

Pope, Anna 101 

Pope, Candy 101, 117 

Pope, Elizabeth 58, 122, 125 

Porter, Betsy 77 

Pratt, Kathleen 78 

Priwitt, Terri 101 

Prewitt, Tina 101 

Price, Suzanne 89 

Price, jane 89, 113 

Pritchard, Cris 58, 121, 156 

Pritchard. Dell 89. 133 

Pritchard. Vicki 59 

Privett. Beth 78. 132 

Quails, Janet 101 

Radford, Nancy 89 

Rancke, Margaret 78 

Randle, Meg 89 

Rathburn, Barbara 102 

Raynor, Elizabeth 89 

Reames, Joel 128 

Reece, Anne 78 

Reed, Pam 89 

Reich. Robin 102, 122 

Reid, Nanette 102 

Reierson, Camilla 102 

Rembert, Pam 102 

Revels, Suzanne 102 

Reviere, Crystal 59 

Rhodes, Alisa 102 

Rhodes. Diana 78, 120, 127 

Rhyne, Margaret 59, 124. 129 

Richards. Alice 78 

Richardson. Sarah 78 

Richmond, India 78 

Rickets, Bonnie 102 

Riddle, Vicky 89 

Riggan. Regina 89. 119. 127. 132 

Riggs. Cindy 14. 59. 124. 125. 129 

Roberts, Cathy 2. 43. 59. 116. 147 

Roberts. Leslie 102 

Roberts. Shearon 59. 108, 110, 

132. 156 
Roberts, Susan 78, 131 
Robertson, Elizabeth 59 
Robertson, Pam 89 
Robinette. Jean 78 
Robinson, Marion 78 
Robinson, Patty 102 
Robinson. Susan 59 
Rodberg. Laurie 89. 137 
Rodman. Laura 102 
Roebuck. Deborah 9. 59, 112. 127, 

166, 177 
Roebuck, Melanie 60, 129 
Rogers, Carrie 60 
Rogers. Nedra 78 
Rollins. Catht 7. 60. 67, 117 
Rose, Beth 102 
Rose, Janet 102 
Rose, Page 89, 112. 123 
Roser, Regina 102 
Rountree, Anna 102 
Rountree. Annette 60, 124 
Rowe, Feta 60 
Rowe, Marcia 102 
Rowe. Marilyn 102 
Rowinski. Sandra 102 

Rowlette. Betsy 78. 112. 131 

Ruark. Sarah 103 

Rucker. Jane 60. 129 

Rumley. Ellen 78, 123, 133 

Sallee.'Martee 89 

Schenck. Ann 103 

Schult. Nancy 78. 122. 126, 127 

Schultz, Pam 78, 111 
Scott, Michelle 103 
Scott, Sandra 103 
Secrist, Deborah 78 
Sharpe, Cindi 78, 122 
Sharpe, Janice 60 
Shearin, Cheryl 89 
Sheely, Martha 78 
Shell. Suzanne 78 
Shinn. Nancy 89. 124 
Shirley. Tina 89 
Siceloff, Jane 60. 124 
Simmons. Alice 78, 112 
Simpson, Charlene 78 
Simpson, Nancy 89, 112, 123 
Sing. Beverly 103 
Singer. Sherry 89 
Singletary. Laura 78 
Slate. Karen 103 
Sloan, Deborah 103 
Smith. Belinda 103 
Smith, Cindy 78 
Smith, Darlene 78, 124 
Smith. Dawn 103 
Smith. Judy 78, 130 
Smith, Julia 103 
Smith, Julia G. 60 
Smith, Karen 103 
Smith, Linza 61 
Smith, Pam 78, 119, 127 
Smith, Phyllis 78, 110, 112, 145 
Smith, Susan 14. 61, 112, 131 
Smith, Susan W, 78 
Smith, Teresa 103 
Snipes, Amy 90 
Sockell, Emily 90 
Spain. Jane 61 
Speight, Chris 61 
Spencer, Ann 103 
Spracklin, Anne 90 
Stabile, Janet 103 
Stamey, Anne 78 
Standi. Susan 61 
Stanwytch, Rosemary 114 
Stanley, Gen 103. 120 
Stansill, Margaret 103 
Steagall. Beth 78 
Steele. Mary Margaret 90. 112. 

OAK LEAVES 1976-183 


Steelman, |anet 90 
Steen, Be\erly 78. 126, 132 
Stegall. Lynn 62 
Stegner. Vera 62 
Stephenson. Kim 62 
Stephenson. Sharon 78, 112 
Stewart, |an 78. 90. 133 
Stines. Kathy 90 
Slinnettc. Cynthia 103 
Stocks. Suzanne 81. 90. 112 
Stokes. Suzanne 90 
Strange. Carol 90 
Strickland. Betty 90. 120 
Strickland. Lou Ann 112 
Strickland. Nancy 62. 118. 124. 

125. 126. 1.S6 
Strother. CoUen 113 
Strothcr. Elaine 78 
Stroud. Fran 62. 123. I.'i6 
Stroud. Mary 86. 118 
Stroupe. Donna 62. 118 
Stutts. Anne 119 
Styles. Carol 90 

Styron. Suzanne 70. 78. 116. 124 
Sugg. Becky 90. 112. 120 
Suggs. Rhonda 79. 133 
Sullivan, lane 63 
Sullivan. Mary 103 
Surles. |anet 104 
Surratt, Julia 79 
Sustek. Carol 90 
Sutton. Barbara 39. 63. US 
Sutton, jean 104. 120 
Swann. Diana 79. 112. 137 
Swann. lune 63. 126 
Swann. Margaret 104 
Talbert. Debgie 79. 123. 133 
Talley, Barbara 63. 110. 111. 112. 

Tallman. Mary 79 
Tart. Cinda 79 
Tayloe. Martha 104 
Taylor. Alice 90 
Taylor. Deborah 90 
Taylor. Doris 38. 167 
Taylor. Heather 79 
Taylor, [ulie 79 
Taylor. Kitty 79. 112. 133 
Taylor. Leigh 63. 118. 125. 127. 

Taylor. Margaret 63. 122. 125. 133 
Taylor. Mary 63 
Taylor. Rosemary 79 
Taylor. Sarah Elizabeth 104 
Teal. Linda 110 

Tedder. Debbie 90. 91. 120. 127 

Tew. Susan 63. 110. 125. 131. 132 

Thigpen. Janet 79. 147 

Thigpen. Jenny 63. 157 

Thomas. Diane 104 

Thomas. Donna 64 

Thomas. Jenny 90 

Thomas. Marsha 90 

Thomas. Myrla 122 

Thompson. Darlene 90 

Thornbrough. Susan 64 

Thornton. Ann 90 

Thurman. Cindy 64. 133 

Timberlake. Linda 104 

Toler. Beverly 104 

Toliver. Judy 79 

Tolson. Delia 104 

Tomlinson. Bonnie 104 

Tosto. Shelley 64 

Travis. Nancy 90 

Trubiano. Antoinette 104 

Truclove. Cindy 90. 110. 126 

Truslow. Mary 104 

Tuck. Kathy 64 

Tuck. Susan 104 

Tucker. Margaret 79 

Tucker. Martha Nell 104 

Tudor. Kathy 90 

Tugwell. Maria 64. 125. 129 

Turley. Rita 64 

Turlington. Dorothy 104 

Turner. Jane 104 

Turner. Julia 64 

Turner. Theresa 79 

Twine. Teresa 64. 67 

Tyndall. Faith 104 

Tyndall. Valeria 65. 124 

Tysinger. Janet 65. 107. 145. 167. 

Upchurch. Missy 37. 65. 107. 110. 

111. 132. 153. 'l57 
Upchurch. Sherry 79 
Vance. Donna 90 
Vannoy. Tina 104 
Veasey. Beth 79. 133 
Vehorn. Patsy 65. 110. 113. 122. 

132. 157. 165 
Vehorn. Sue 90. 111. 113. 152 
Vellines. Claire 90. 120 
Vereen. Donna 79. 131 
Vick. Becky 65 
Vick. Debbie 48. 65 
Victorian. Miriam 104. 124 
Virtuoso. Jean-Anne 79 
Viser. Kathy 65 
Vogel. Allyn65. 115, 131. 132, 157 

Vogel. Torrey 90 

Waddell, Donna 104 

Waddell. Ramona 65. 116 

Walker. Nancy 104. Ill 

Wall. Elizabeth 104 

Wall, jane 66. 129 

Wallace. Janice 66. 107. 118. 127. 

Wallentine. Jill 90 
Walton. Wendy 91 
Ward. Eleanor 9. 90 
Ward. Joanne 66. 125. 129 
Ware. Nancy 79 
Warren. Alyce 104 
Warren. Carolyn 66. 118. 160 
Warren. Cathv 104 
Warren. Kathy 79 
Warren. Marjorie 90 
Warren. Nena 104 
Warren. Wanda 104. 119 
Waters. Fennette 111 
Waters. Rebecca 104 
Watkins. Beth 91 
Watson. Linda 104 
Watson, Pam 38. 66. 132, 157, 176 
Watson, Susan G. 79 
Watson, Susan 91 
Watson, Tina 91 
Watts, Joni Fay 91, 126 
Watts. Mary 91 
Wayne. Suzanne 104 
Weatherly. Gwen 67 
Weathington. Susan 91 
Weaver. Terri 104 
Webb. Carol 91. 137 
Webb. Jackie 79. 120 
Weber. Becky 67 
Weems. Rebe'cca 67. 109. 129. 132 
Welborn. Leigh 104 
Weldon. Frances 104 
Welfare. Elizabeth 104. 137 
Wellons. Lynn 67. 167 
Wells. Jan 91 
Wells. Kathryn 104 
Welsh. Elizabeth 79 
Wesley. Monica 91. 122 
West. Cynthia 104 
West. Elizabeth 67 
West. Laura 91. 133 
West. Sheila 79 
Westbrook. Barbara 105 
Wester. Liz 91. 120 
Wester. Shelley 79 
Westmoreland. Pafti 137 
Wheeless. Ann 91 
Wheeless, Deborah 2. 67. 124. 129 

Wheless. Elizabeth 105 

White. Ellen 105 

White. Susan 39. 68. 128 

White. Wanda 79 

Whitehurst. Margaret 79 

Whitenack, Cynthia 105, 137 

Whitley, Julia 105 

Whitlex, Lynn 105 

Whitley, Susan 105 

Wicker, Beth 79 

Widdifield. Joan 105 

Widman. Emily 91 

Wiggins. Barbara 79. 128. 131 

Wilkerson. Faye 122 

Wilkins. Su.san 105 

Willcox. Alix 91. 113 

Willetts. Susan 68 

Willey. Carolyn 68 

Williams. Anne 105 

Williams. Debra 56. 68. 122. 127. 

Williams. June 91 
Williams. Lisa 68 
Williams. Lisa W. 105 
Williams. Sondra 91 
Williams. Suzanne 68 
Williamson. Beth 105 
Williamson. Dianne 79. 119 
Williamson. Jan 105. 149 
Willis. Lisa 105 
Wilson. Alice 69. 133 
Wilson. Braxton 91 
Wilson. Deborah 79 
Wilson. Janice 79 
Wilson. Sharon 2. 69. 157 
Wilson. Sheryl 105 
Winfrey. Sallie 69 
Winslow. Mary 105 
Winslow. Teresa 91 
Witt. Celia 91. 124 
Wolf. Anita 105 
Woltz. Carolyn 105 
Wood. Danita 91. 113. 133 
Wood. Donna 69 
Wright. Margaret 105 
Wyatt. Sheryl 105 
Yates. Gail 79. 133 
York. Cathy 91. 123 
York, Lisa 105. 119 
Young. Monette 91 
Zeigler. Dorothy 91 
Zeigler. Sally 16. 69. 118. 125. 132. 

161. 167. 177 

184-OAK LEAVES 1976 



OAK LEAVES 1976-185